hugo_wallin’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ KSSC

Welcome to my new tracking thread!

Airport is found in the title, feedback is highly appreciated and please leave it in the thread.

Please stop by even if just for a pattern.


On my way!!!

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No need to say left or right traffic when clearing for the option as you already did for takeoff, also, you cleared it for the wrong direction.

After, I was about 1/4 mile away from the threshold and you told me to turn base 4R when I was final 4L for no reason because there was no traffic.

After the transition, you told me to enter left downwind 4L when I was on right downwind already.

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From checking my replay I told you to make right traffic after your first touch and go, changing your traffic pattern to get som practice. But you preceded to make left turns. Therefore I told you after asking for you intentions to enter left base runway 4R to get you on the runway and pattern I wanted. Can you specify how I cleared you for the wrong direction?

Last one is my mistake, seems like I have to practice on my lefts and rights.

Thanks for coming by, hope too see you soon again!

Ahhhh I thought you said make left traffic but yeah, you mix up left and right with the downwind.

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Open now @ KSSC

Coming!!! Hehe

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Amazing ATC, when I said corrections, I thought you did something wrong but I will discuss it with taipei before telling you so I won’t mislead you.

Although, when I ask for a landing and not a pattern you should clear me for landing, not the option.

I’m sorry for my ghetto flying 😂 and the last part on ground was because I had to go.


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Thank you for coming

Open now @ KSSC

Open now, please stop by for a few patterns so I can practice.

Sorry i meant to go right not left

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Clearing for the option is for everything, not only for touch & go. It’s recommended to use “Cleared to land” but “Cleared for the option” is technically also good.

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Why did you leaveeeee I said stand by so I can switch planes

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Oh sorry missed that, getting tired so going to get some sleep so I don’t make any unecessary mistakes.

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It was good, just like me, does well especially with low traffic.

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