Hugo’s ATC tracking thread @ ESSA (closed)

Welcome to my ATC tracking thread!

I am working on my ATC skills to be able to apply to IFATC in the future. Any feedback is highly appreciated so I can learn from my mistakes.


Popping by :) haven’t taken the practical yet but I’ll see if I can offer you some tips :)

Nice! see you soon.

Very good!

Just some small things I’ve picked up on:

1: if I were you I’d choose an airport with a parallel runway, because your training and practical tests will be made on one, it gives your assessors a chance to request runway changes etc, I use KSEA, but anything with a parallel RW will do

2: after I did the transition and called inbound, you cleared me for the option, because I left the airspace and re-entered it should have been a pattern instruction first, best thing to have done is to tell me to enter left downwind, then clear me

Other than that though:

-Good landing clearances, you only gave me a pattern instruction after re-entering the airspace so good

-Good transition altitude given

-Well done for telling me to exit runway when able

Would have been nicer to have more planes so you could practice sequencing and juggling them in your airspace but hey ho, well done either way :)

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Will keep that in mind next time I choose an airport, could have done some more research before choosing.

Realized that while you were on final that I did not give pattern instruction.

Hopefully there will be more at a better time perhaps but thanks for coming out!

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I’ll stop by

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I’ll give it another shot

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Hi there, my callsign was “243”

Very good job

  • Pattern entries (all of them on point)
  • Sequencing.
  • Clearances were accurate and fast.
  • Ground commands were accurate.
  • Exit command 👍🏻
  • Transition.

I’ll say the second “extend downwind” for the other guy was unnecessary as we had different runways, other than that nice job.

If any problem or concern my pm always open
Keep it up,


How long will you be open? I can come by for some patterns in around an hour.

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I will be open for you then @Altaria55

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Good job!! Same as what @Sebastian9915 said, keep practicing and if you wanna do your written test, I’d say to go for it.

Watch all the videos on YouTube because they’re really good and help a lot, and then once you’ve passed you can get a trainer who does proper training sessions with you, they’re really useful.

Good luck dude!


Thank you! I kinda got some sort of a blackout there and forgot that the two runways did not cross each other so decide to be safe.

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I will join you as well, Nasa 1.

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Thank you! Good luck with you’re practical!

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Nice job on the runway change.


Watch the traffic on final and sequence as soon as possible. You make it easier for the pilots to know what traffic to follow. Give exit clearance once an aircraft is below 100knts. That’s all I have to point out from today’s session, really good job overall.


I will keep that in mind. Thank you!

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Hi Hugo
On the whole, very good albeit very quite.
Obviously the last clearance was very late, and the exit rw command could of been much quicker, try to stay focused even when it is quiet.

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Kommer :))

Wait did u close