Huge Training Server Issue

Device: iPad Pro 2020
Operating system: Latest iOS

Recently, me and other people at IFATC are having problems with the Training Server. ATC would show active, but no one else on the map. This bug has happened multiple times to me and it’s starting to affect IFATC Trainings. This is not good and we need to fix this somehow.

Fairly certain this has been communicated internally in IFATC as well :)

But we know and are working on it.
It just needs a quick restart when it fails, so just ping us :)

Bad situation indeed but I’m pretty sure devs are working hard on this…

Keep faith and working hard

Nothing like the good ol turn it off and on again!

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Yeah, that fixes it most of the time, but this time it didn’t. But it will be fixed soon im sure :)


Little kick, little clack and here we go again

Because the server hadn’t been restarted since we didn’t know it had failed. We’re not constantly monitoring the graphs and unfortunately the server doesn’t die so no alarms either. But now it is and should work within a few minutes :)

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Amen. If people did this more often with their devices too ;)


Keep this thread open just in case someone reports it again if not the bot will close it

New topics are better for visibility on our end :)

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