Huge TFR Zone

Still in the middle of flying right now, so not sure. If I catch it I’ll show you, if not then I can’t do anything.

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Okay dokes. It’s always helpful for us to have physical evidence to help us evaluate the situation and help you out with your issue :)

What is the big one over New Zealand and Australia

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I would have no idea, as I mentioned it would be helpful to provide screenshots for physical evidence as I can’t see your screen, and neither mine because I’m busy on holiday, but regularly checking up on the IFC.

Try restarting the app after your flight

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That would be for the big event hosted by the regulars to gather up hype and attendance. This was put into place by Tyler.


I knew that but I just didnt know where the thread was, thanks for giving it to me

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I had it too, but then I played around with the map for a while and it disappeared. It’s probably just a glitch that came with the event TFR.

Yeah, probably.

Are we still good to fly in the TFR zone even we’re not a part of the event?

You can still fly in the TFR zone, but you still need to stick to the rules.

That’s the TFR + message:

Or fly above 60,000 feet just to be safe.


All good I’ll go down to TS con-trolling those noobs real quick.

To provide some answers to that.

You are more than welcome to fly through the zone, however, if you are landing or departing through the TFR Zone, you either have to sign up to the event or be aware that you’ll have to divert airports.

I’ve already signed up, thanks.

Alright guys, this is what my whole post was about. Here’s the photo I managed to capture:

Is this an overlay for the Australian TFR?

Yes this is the one from Australia. It’s just showing it from the other side.

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Ah, perfect. Problem solved then. This thread may now be closed, thank you.

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