Huge Screenshot Event - I Need Your Help!

It’s all about how many players are around you.

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Schipol is turning 100 soon, maybe do it there to honor it.

Let’s see if the Amsterdam region can rack up enough votes. :)

Sydney is now an interest to some! Keep those votes coming. :)

Sydney would be pretty cool.

It would be a slight challenge for me considering I don’t know much about non-US airports, but I’d love to see Sydney. :)

Maybe some of our Australian friends would help us.

I can help with London region airports if that is chosen.

That’d be cool! The more help, the better.

Yes, you absolutely can. Hopefully it gets chosen.


Amsterdam, London and Sydney are now tied!

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By the end of the day, I’ll choose the region. Hopefully the tie breaker doesn’t last that long.


The tie has been broken and London is the chosen region for my next event. Now it’s time to choose the airports. I chose airports that are very busy in London IRL so don’t be alarmed that I didn’t put down a small airport. I’m having trouble contemplating whether or not to do a large airport like Heathrow. When I did my first event at KLAX, there were many issues with rendering planes and such. I’m going to allow you guys to choose two airports with Heathrow being a possibility. If I feel like Heathrow isn’t the right option, I’ll choose the next airport that had the second most votes.

Like I said before, thank you everyone for your help! I couldn’t have done it without you! :)

  • London-Heathrow (possibility)
  • London-City
  • London-Gatwick
  • London-Stansted
  • London-Luton
  • Birmingham
  • East Midlands

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Aaargh! Thats a tough choise to make.

London-Gatwick is in the lead! Keep those votes coming guys, this poll will close in 24 hours! :)

I Voted for Gatwick just that I can use Norwegian 787.

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I really want to see Gatwick too.

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London-Gatwick has been chosen for the next screenshot event location. Expect an event thread about it within the next few days. :)


Looking forward to it, sir

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