Huge PHX FlyOut! 28JAN23

Can you switch my gate to gate 19 of terminal E

i’ld like to take this one in a A330 going to Frankfurt (EDDF) by Condor

May I have this but


Event Bump!!!!

Can you change my aircraft to a 777-200 same British airways livery and destination please

Sure I can.

Can I be put in terminal E for realism sake please

No sorry that is the gate it sits irl.

Ok fair enough

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Event Bump

can i also be part of it!

Terribly sorry but can you change my aircraft to a British airways 757

Sure what gate/terminal/airplane would you like?

This is the last time I will change your plane then you can’t ask anymore for the event about switching your aircraft.

I know and can I have concorse E gate 1 please

American Airline B739

Add me to gate 6 as well

What destination?

KLAX and add me to terminal a as well

Your all signed up.