Huge Paris Charles De Gaulle flyout Over 100 gates available [21 Attending][8 days left]@ LFPG - 311900AUG19

Ok I’ll add you both

Gate A04 Please🙂

sure ill add you

Hi! This looks really cool, may I have Gate A08 Please - Air France Flight 22 to KJFK.

How long will the flyout last because I will probably be half an hour late

30mins to 1hrs depends on traffic

sorry about the late notice but ill add you now

Hey add me in this event give me a gate I 'll be there by listed flights

Ok thanks you can I have gate D16 please?

What gate would you like

Sure I’ll add you

Um as it’s my frste event so give me a gate near u or runway

Ok then I’ll do that for you

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Thanks men

no problem

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Just about 1 more landing and i m in

Caption tank congrats me I m grade 2 now a training server now u please give me a gate or t7 is one just a sec have u setup 2 events for 17 and 31 so plse give me gates of 17 and 31

And and and the main thing is
I m from India which timing u setup in u or country add to events so please tell me that ssame timing match with my country india

Sorry what do you want me to do?
And why do I have to crograts you?

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As I have been graded 2 for training server now I m in

And I m there for Spain Hungary event

Gates and routes still available 16 days left

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