HUGE ORLANDO FLYOUT[This is my first event plz tell me what I did wrong and how to fix it] 192100ZOCT12

Hello if you wish to do ATC please request what you want to do thank you. [One person is only allowed to do one airport and two ATC frequency’s on this flight to allow other people to participate

Livery: Frontier A320 [Any livery]

[Route to copy before flight] JAG6 MATEO SHRKS Q77 WIGVO IRQ J99 VXV JAKIE4


To request a gate please tell me and I will set you on that gate! Departures only allowed on runway 17R and 17L in Orlando and landing only allowed on runway 18L and 18R.

              THANK YOU AND ENJOY!!

Hey, group flight must be only within 3 hours, not a few months. You are TL1, so you cannot create a topic in #live:events. Change the time within 3 hours, or keep contributing the community in order to get TL2. Which you can access the #live:events.

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So you are saying that I have to create the flight to be today??

Yeh, just keep postin

I’m am confused sorry I am new on the community to creating events

So basically you need to post more to unlock the event topic. Right now you only have group Flight topic so you can’t make events, therefore you can only make “events” in the time of 3 hours

Ok thank you and I’m sorry for this

No no no, I was just like this once. You can either change the date or you can cancel it. Here is my mistake

Hello Lufthansa454,

To create an event you need to be trust level 2. Keep being active on the forum and you’ll get there in no time. In the meantime, you’re allowed to create a group flight granted that it’s within 3 hours and follows the following guidelines:

If you have any questions, feel free to message me! :)