Huge Niagara Falls Fly-Out! @ KBUF - 121600ZMAY18

Massive Buffalo Niagara Internationalt Fly-Out @ KBUF

Event Introduction & Description:

Hello everyone! This is David Berman, the President and founder of El-Al Virtual Airlines. After working hard to create multiple routes to fit everyone’s different schedule I thought this would be pretty cool and fun. I’m going to get ATC ASAP and would love for everyone to join!!

We will be meeting up at Buffalo Niagara International Airport (KBUF). Please spawn 10-15 minutes prior to the event to begin filling out your flight plan and taking pictures. We will achieve this in Infinite Flight by using the realistic airlines that serve the airport along with the correct terminal assignments and corresponding routes.

Date: Saturday, May 12, 2018
Time: 1600Z (12:00PM EDT)
Airport: Buffalo Niagara International Airport (KBUF)
Server: Expert

When requesting a gate and an aircraft, please be aware of your destination.
Buffalo Niagra has other destinations, however, due to the lack of gates we tried fitting in as many as possible! Everyone will be responsible for creating their own flight plan as well as their fuel load. We will all be taking off from Runway 23. Do NOT speed during taxi or cut anyone off even if there’s traffic, please be patient. This event will take place on the expert server, all rules are enforced and are expected to be followed. In the event that ATC is active, please follow all of the instructions the controllers give you. You may be subject to ghosting.

Airline Directory:

Airline CODE Aircraft(s)
American Airlines AA B737-800
Delta DL A321-200
JetBlue B6 E190
Southwest Airlines WN B737-700,B737-800
Frontier F9 A321-200
United UA CRJ-200, A320-200
Cesna Citation X CX Livery 1-9
MD-11F FedEx, UPS

Gate Assignments:

Main Gates
Gate Aircraft Route Attendee
Gate 01 CX Livery 6 KBUF-TNCM
Gate 02 CX Livery 2 KBUF-MUPB
Gate 03 AA B737-800 KBUF-KPHX
Gate 04 AA B737-800 KBUF-KCLT @anon67310022
Gate 05 AA B737-800 KBUF-KPHL
Gate 06 AA B737-800 KBUF-KORD
Gate 07 B6 E190 KBUF-KJFK @Brennen_Cahill
Gate 08 B6 E190 KBUF-KMCO
Gate 09 CX Livery 3 KBUF-KBCT
Gate 10 UA CRJ-200 KBUF-KIAD
Gate 11 F9 A320-200- Colorado KBUF-KDEN
Gate 12 UA A320-200 KBUF-KEWR
Gate 14 UA A320-200 KBUF-KORD
Gate 15 WN B737-800 KBUF-KLAS
Gate 16 WN B737-700 KBUF-KTPA @Senneca
Gate 18 WN B737-800 KBUF-KBWI
Gate 19 CX Livery 4 KBUF-CYTZ @Abbasbeloved
Gate 20 DL A321-200 KBUF-SPJC
Gate 21 CX Livery 5 KBUF-07FA
Gate 22 DL A321-200 KBUF-SPJC
Gate 23 DL E170 KBUF-KDTW @FDemon Gate 24
Gate 25 DL A321-200 KBUF-SPJC
Gate 26 CX Livery 4 KBUF-KGFL
GA Terminal
Gate Aircraft Route Attendee
GA01 CX Livery 7 KBUF-KFXE
GA02 CX Livery 8 KBUF-KDAL
GA03 CX Livery 9 KBUF-KAPA
GA04 CX Livery 1 KBUF-KTMB
GA05 CX Livery 3 KBUF-KLGB
GA06 CX Livery 5 KBUF-KSKX
GA07 CX Livery 6 KBUF-38U
Cargo Terminal
Gate Aircraft Route Attendee
Private Jet Hangers
Gate Aircraft Route Attendee
01 CX Livery 6 KBUF-EGLL
02 CX Livery 4 KBUF-EHAM

(If you’re interested in joining El Al Virtual Airlines, feel free to click the link below and apply!


Would it possible to reserve Gate 16 WN B737-800 KBUF-KTPA.

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Of course! Gate 16 is yours!

I’d like to reserve gate 7 for the B6 flight to jfk please

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No problem! Gate 7 is yours!

@Davidberman You haven’t posted this flight route but Delta (Republic Airline DBA Delta Connection) also fly to DTW in in E-170. So I was wondering if you could give me a gate for this particular route?

CallSign: Brickyard 412

Thanks :)

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Do you guys have ATC? If not, I’d love to see if I can help you out. If you do, I’d like to reserve a gate. AA 738 to CLT.

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This flight departs from Gate 23. @Davidberman

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No we do not have ATC yet but I will try to get ASAP! And sure the gate is yours!

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Perfect, you’re all set for gate 23!

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Well, I am IFATC. I can ask if I can split from the region for that day and cover KBUF.

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Sounds great let me know if would be able to do so!

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May I have gate 19 plz

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It’s all yours! See you there!

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Just wondering. For these virtual airlines, do you have to join the airline or can you just request to participate?

Im afraid I won’t be able to make this event because I went over 3 violations (7days) so I’m down to Grade 2 :(

Yes join first
If you haven’t u can make it I mean joining there is still a place for you
But if you’re grade less than 2nd and couldn’t play another serves just like FDemon although no

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