Huge New York Flyout: America's Busiest Part 5 @ KJFK - 221900ZFEB20

Americas Busiest Part 5: New York (KJFK)

66 Attending!

In this series we will explore the top ten busiest airports in the United States, starting with Charlotte and ending with Atlanta. All of these airports were ranked in the top 10 in passenger carry according to Wikipedia. Follow along and join as many events as you can, it is sure to be an amazing series.

About KJFK:

Airport Chart:


Event Info:

Server: Expert

Airport: KJFK

Time: 2020-02-22T19:00:00Z


Spawn in 15 minutes before the event

Pay attention to the the event chat at all times

If ATC is active please follow all instructions

If there is only Unicom, please be respectful

Have fun!

Gate Assignments:

Terminal One

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination (ICAO) User
01 Royal Air Maroc B788 Casablanca (GMNN) @Chindle_1204
02 Norwegian B789 Madrid (LEMD) @GameBoy_KIRB
03 Norwegian B789 London (EGKK) @JOSH_Byrne
04 Lufthansa B748 Frankfurt (EDDF) @bouncy_butter
05 Alitalia B772 Rome (LIRF) @ThatFlightSimGuy_24
06 Aeroflot B77W Moscow (UUEE) @CptCalvin437
07 Eva Air B78X Taipei (RCTP) @LegendaryRoro88
08 Air France A388 Paris (LFPG) @NYFLFlyer22
10 Brussels A333 Brussels (EBBR) @SUPPA_FROG
11 Alitalia B772 Milan (LIMC) @Big_Chungus

Terminal Two

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination (ICAO) User
60 Alaska (Virgin Livery) A320 Los Angeles (KLAX)
61 Alaska (Virgin Livery) A320 Los Angeles (KLAX)
62 Delta B739 Seattle (KSEA) @Nmgrublian
63 Delta A319 Atlanta (KATL) @James_Digby
64 Delta B763 Los Angeles (KLAX)
65 Delta B763 Amsterdam (EHAM)
66 Delta A333 London (EGLL)
67 Delta CRJ9 Buffalo (KBUF)
68 Delta E170 Washington D.C. (KDCA) @Spencer_Clark
69 Delta CRJ9 Richmond (KRIC) @USAviation
70 Delta B712 Minneapolis (KMSP)

Terminal Four

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination (ICAO) User
A2 WestJet B738 Calgary (CYYC) @PanAm
A4 Copa B738 Panama City (MPTO)
A5 Carribean B738 Port of Spain (TTPP) @KoG_Splinter
A6 Emirates A388 Dubai (OMDB) @HazemRaafat
A7 Emirates A388 Dubai (OMDB) @Captainshayan
20 Virgin Atlantic B789 London (EGLL) @emirates123123
22 Asiana A359* Seoul (RKSI) @Starz
24 AeroMexico B788 Mexico City (MMMX) @JuanCrafter_Pro
25 Virgin Atlantic B789 London (EGLL) @Lildrummerboy79
26 Singapore Airlines A388 Singapore (WSSS) via Frankfurt (EDDF) @Suhas_Jatla
27 Virgin Atlantic B789 London (EGLL) @Dingus
28 KLM B744 Amsterdam (EHAM) @flying-dutchman
29 Etihad A388 Abu Dhabi (OMAA) @Captain_Tank
30 Virgin Atlantic A333 London (EGKK)
31 Virgin Atlantic B789 London (EGLL) @Dreadjack888
32 Delta B752 Edinburgh (EGPH
33 Virgin Atlantic B789 Manchester (EGCC)
34 Delta B739 Santo Domingo (MDSD)
35 Delta B739 Atlanta (KATL)
36 Virgin Atlantic A346 London (EGLL)
37 Delta A319 Miami (KMIA) @Captain_Cobb
38 Delta B738 San Jose (KSJC) @BigBert10
39 Delta B739 Santiago (MDST)
41 Delta B739 Atlanta (KATL) @PrestonThePilot
42 Delta CRJ9 Indianpolis (KIND)
43 Delta B712 Tampa (KTPA)
44 Delta CRJ9 Boston (KBOS)
45 Delta CRJ9 Raleigh (KRDU)
46 Delta CRJ9 Syracuse (KSYR) @MJP_27
47 Delta CRJ9 Toronto (CYYZ)
48 Delta CRJ9 Washington D.C. (KDCA) @Minh_Nguy_n
49 Delta CRJ2 Burlington (KBTV)
51 Delta CRJ9 Raleigh (KRDU)
53 Delta CRJ9 Boston (KBOS)
55 Delta CRJ9 Savannah (KSAV) @Islanderpilot123

Terminal 5

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination (ICAO) User
01 JetBlue A321 San Jose (KSJC)
02 JetBlue A320 La Romana (MDLR)
03 JetBlue A321 Guayaquil (SEGU) @Lucas_Piedra
04 JetBlue A320 Charleston (KCHS)
05 JetBlue E190 Houston (KIAH)
06 JetBlue E190 West Palm Beach (KPBI) @FLaviation19
07 JetBlue E190 Rochester (KROC)
08 JetBlue A320 San Juan (TJSJ)
09 JetBlue A321 Kingston (MKJP)
10 JetBlue A320 Jacksonville (KJAX)
11 JetBlue A321 New Orleans (KMSY)
12 JetBlue A321 San Francisco (KSFO)
14 JetBlue A320 Nassau (MYNN)
15 JetBlue E190 Burlington (KBTV) @Ols_Cochrane
16 JetBlue A320 Orlando (KMCO) @Jayson_Martinez
17 JetBlue A321 Chicago (KORD)
18 JetBlue A321 Fort Myers (KRSW) @Lucas_Piedra
19 JetBlue A321 San Diego (KSAN) @LongHaulGuy
20 JetBlue A321 Sacramento (KSMF)
21 JetBlue A321 Seattle (KSEA)
22 JetBlue A320 Palm Springs (KPSP)
23 JetBlue A321 Los Angeles (KLAX) @JetBlue_48_DJT
24 JetBlue A321 Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) @Zac_Penson
25 JetBlue A320 Long Beach (KLGB)
26 JetBlue A321 Ontario (KONT)
27 JetBlue A320 Punta Cana (MDPC)
28 JetBlue A321 Los Angeles (KLAX) @Taran_Kohli
29 JetBlue A321 Atlanta (KATL)
30 JetBlue A320 Boston (KBOS) @majhz

Terminal 7

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination (ICAO) User
01 Qatar A359* Doha (OTHH) @Suhas_Jatla
02 All Nippon B77W Tokyo (RJTT) @Pingu
03 British Airways B744 London (EGLL) @dan1
04 Alaska B739 San Jose (KSJC) @Plnelovr
05 British Airways B77W London (EGKK) @Jack_Q
06 British Airways B772 London (EGLL)
07 Alaska B738 San Francisco (KSFO) @Alaska170
08 Iberia A359* Madrid (LEMD) @GlobalFlyer1
09 Polish B788 Budapest (LHBP) @Altaria55
10 Iceland Air B752 Reykjavik (BKIF) @Ri-spotter
11 Polish B788 Warsaw (EPWA)
12 United B789 Nassau (MYNN) @CaptainClaude

Terminal 8

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination (ICAO) User
01 American B738 Montego Bay (MKJS)
02 American B738 St. Thomas (TIST)
03 American B772 Paris (LFPG) @CaptRolSalmeron9065
04 American A321 Dallas (KDFW)
05 American A321 Phoenix (KPHX)
06 American B738 Antigua (TAPA)
07 American B738 San Jose (MROC) @Devin_Stock
08 American B77W Barcelona (LEBL)
10 LATAM B789 Lima (SPJC)
12 LATAM B789 Santiago (SCEL) @Udeme_Ekpo
14 Finn Air A359 Helsinki (EFHK) @Planeboi19
16 American B772 Milan (LIMC) @Nicholas1
31A American CRJ2 Pittsburgh (KPIT)
31B American CRJ7 Indianapolis (KIND)
31C American E175 Columbus (KCMH)
31D American CRJ9 Baltimore (KBWI)
32F American CRJ7 Norfolk (KORF)
32G American CRJ2 Toronto (CYYZ)
32H American CRJ2 Cleveland (KCLE)
32I American CRJ7 Nashville (KBNA)
33 American CRJ2 Montreal (CYUL)
34 American A321 Charlotte (KCLT)
35 American B738 Bermuda (TXKF)
36 American A321 Cincinnati (KCVG)
37 American B738 Chicago (KORD)
38 LATAM B789 Lima (SPJC)
39 American A321 Los Angeles (KLAX)
40 American B738 San Antonio (KSAT)
41 American B738 Cancun (MMUN)
42 American A321 San Francisco (KSFO) @ButterAllDay
43 LAN B763 Guayaquil (SEGU)
44 American B738 Washington D.C. (KDCA) @Vadim
45 Cathay Pacific B77W Hong Kong (VHHH) via Vancouver (CYVR) @KattyBestNekoPilot
46 American A321 Miami (KMIA)
47 TAM B77W Sao Paulo (SBGR) @Captain_JR

Cargo Gates

Gate/Apron Airline Aircraft Destination User
Cargo B03 Lufthansa Cargo B77F Frankfurt (EDDF) @Jerseyant

General Aviation

Gate Aircraft Destination (ICAO) User
Hardstand 10 B737BBJ Miami (KMIA) @BadPlane
Hardstand 11 B737BBJ Tahiti (NTAA) @Elefanths

If you need to substitute a route please provide evidence from

If a * is next to the aircraft name, it is not guaranteed that the aircraft will be available at the time of the event

When requesting a route, please state the route and gate to avoid any confusion

Event is open to sponsorships, feel free to PM me

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Had to create a new thread thanks to the 60 day editing limit.

Sign up now!


How do you sign up? Also will there be one at SFO? Because I would like to do that one

Udeme Ekpo, I would like to fly to Santiago
Gate :12
Airline: LATAM
Aircraft: 789

Instead of T8 Gate 5 to PHX, could I do an Alitalia 772 to FCO (Rome) in whatever gate available?

@CaptainLeo1 in order to sign up just reply with your gate in this thread, as far as SFO goes, that was the last event in this series so you just missed it.

@Udeme_Ekpo, the gate is yours!

@ThatFlightSimGuy_24 Sure thing, I’ll sign you up!

Thanks a lot!

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Great, thanks

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I’m sorry but I can’t attend anymore I’m really busy

Thanks for letting me know, I’ll remove you

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Hi, can you sign me in for terminal 8 gate 08
American b772 but can ill take the b773 and to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport EHAM thanx

Can I get a gate: 737BBJ to NTAA

@flying-dutchman and @Elefanths you are both signed up!

Can I have terminal 4 gate 25?

Sure thing, I’ll sign you up!

Thanks! Will see you there

hello, can i get gate 10 terminal 7? its Iceland Air 763 to BKIF

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I’ll sign you up!

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I’m going to have to cancel. Something popped up.

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Event is in one week, sign up now!