Huge Munich flyout! Over 100 Gates! ( 27 Attending TODAY) (SIGNUPS CLOSED) brought to you by Everything_Matthew and ThePlaneFlyer - EDDM 51900ZJAN20

Server: Expert

Airport: EDDM

Time: 2020-01-05T19:00:00Z

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Munich airport

Condor was left out because they have no planes in IF

Terminal 1 Gates
Gate Airline Plane Destination Pilot
101 UIA 739 Kiev Boryspil
102 LOT E170 (Sub for 175 ) Warsaw Chopin
103 Delta 767 Atlanta
104 British Airways E190 London City
105 Eithad 773 Abu Dhabi
107 Belavia CRJ2 Minsk
108 Aer Lingus A320 Dublin @RYR
109 Vueling A320 Barcelona
110 Turkish Airlines A321 Istanbul IST
111 Luxair Dash8 Luxembourg
112 S7 Airlines A319 (Sub for 737) Moscow-Domodedovo @MrAftonn
113 Saudia A319 (sub for A320) Jeddah
115 Saudia 789 ( sub for A330) Riyadh
116 KLM Any 737 Amsterdam
117 Finnair A321 Helsinki @2003iggy
118 Icelandiar 757 Keflavík
119 Eurowings A319 Berlin Tegel
120 Eurowings A319 Dusseldorf @marcelschmidt
121 Eurowings A319 Nice @Luom112
Terminal 1 Remote Gates
Gate Airline Plane Destination Pilot
142 Eurowings A320 Edinburgh
143 British Airways A319 London Heathrow
144 Eurowings A320 Palma de Mallorca
151 Eurowings A320 Thessaloniki
152 Eurowings A319 Hamburg
153 Eurowings A319 Edinburgh
154 Eurowings A319 Cologne
155 Eurowings A320 Catania Fontanarossa
162 Eurowings A330 Las Vegas
163 Aeroflot A320 Moscow Sheremetyevo
164 Air France A318 Paris CDG
165 Air France A319 Parsi CDG
Terminal 1 Stands
Gate Airline Plane Destination Pilot
131 Vueling A320 Florence
132 Tunisair A319 Tunis
133 Tunisair A319 Tunis
134 TUI Deutschland 738 Gran Canaria
135 TUI Deutschland 738 Tenerife South
171 TUI Deutschland 738 Lanzarote
172 TUI Deutschland 738 Sal
173 Ryanair 738 Dublin
174 Ryanair 738 Dublin
175 Ryanair 738 Dublin
181 Ryanair 738 Dublin
182 Royal Air Maroc 788 Casablanca
183 Air Europa E195 (Sub for E190)
184 Easyjet A320 Milan
185 Easyjet A319 London Gatwick
186 Easyjet A319 Edinburgh
187 Easyjet A320 Manchester
188 Easyjet A319 London Luton
189 Easyjet A320 London Stansted
190 Emirates A380 Dubai @Captainshayan
191 Alitalia A321 Rome
192 Delta A350 (Just because) Detroit
193 Iberia A321 (Sub for A319 ) Madrid
194 Norwegian Airlines 738 Oslo
195 Qatar Airlines 773 Doha
196 Ryanair 738 Dublin
Terminal 2 Gates
Gate Airline Plane Destination Pilot
201 Lufthansa A319 Amsterdam
202 Lufthansa A350 Vancouver @Alex_L
203 Lufthansa A320 (Sub for E195) Brussels
204 Egyptair . A330 Cairo
205 Lufthansa A350 Mumbai @Manav_Suri
206 Untied 78X SFO @anon52720224
207 Thai 772 Bangkok
208 Lufthansa A319 Hamburg
209 Lufthansa A320 London Heathrow
210 Lufthansa A320 (Sub for A321) Helsinki
211 Lufthansa A340 LAX
212 Lufthansa A350 Newark
213 Aegean airlines A320 Athens
214 United 772 Washington IAD @Planeboi19
215 Lufthansa Hong Kong A350
216 ANA 78X Tokyo (H)
217 LOT Warsaw Chopin E170 (sub for 175)
218 Lufthansa A319 Tallin
219 Lufthansa A340 Dulles
220 Austrian A321(Sub for E195) Vienna
221 TAP A319 Lisbon
222 TAP A319 Porto
223 Swiss A319 (Sub for A220) Zurich
224 Lufthansa A340 Mexico City @anon39682098
Terminal 2 Stands
Gate Airline Plane Destination Pilot
231 Lufthansa A319 Brussels @Keegan_Butler
232 SAS 738 Stockholm
233 SAS 737 Oslo
234 Lufthansa A320 Bremen
261 Lufthansa A320 Alicante
262 Lufthansa CRJ9 Venice
341 Lufthansa A320 Moscow DME
342 Lufthansa A319 Manchester
343 Lufthansa A320 Porto
344 Lufthansa CRJ9 Prague
345 Lufthansa A320 (sub for A321) Hanover
346 Lufthansa CRJ9 Ancona @NorAviator97
347 Lufthansa A320 Cairo
348 Lufthansa CRJ9 Luxembourg
321 Lufthansa A320 Antalya
322 Lufthansa A320 Madrid
323 Lufthansa CRJ9 Lyon
324 Avianca 789 Bogota @PedroG
325 Lufthansa A320 Toulouse-Blagnac
326 Lufthansa A320 Barcelona @Jakub_Smolen
327 Lufthansa CRJ9 Ljubljana
328 Lufthansa CRJ9 Basel
329 Lufthansa CRJ9 Copenhagen @BadPlane
330 Lufthansa A320 Faro
331 Lufthansa A319 Nice @Alexian61
332 Lufthansa A320 Madrid

Yes some gates were skipped because of lack of routes.

Terminal 2 Satellite Gates
Gate Airline Plane Destination Pilot
244 Air Canada A330 Toronto Pearson
245 Air China 789 (Sub for 777) Beijing Capital
246 Lufthansa A350 Denver @Luke_Sta
247 Lufthansa A350 New York JFK @CaptainClark
248 Lufthansa 744 Frankurt
249 Lufthansa A350 Kansai @Captain_JR
250 Singapore Airlines A350 Singapore @EyesSkyward
251 South African Airlines A330 Johannesburg
252 South African Airlines A340 Johannesburg
253 United 772 Houston
254 Lufthansa A350 Singapore @Capt.SkyWalker
255 Lufthansa A350 Montreal
256 Lufthansa A380 Boston
301 Lufthansa A350 Chicago ORD @CaptainClark
302 Lufthansa A350 Seattle @Mike_Lima_Tango
308 Lufthansa A340 Charlotte
309 Lufthansa A350 New Delhi @TH0MAS
310 Lufthansa A350 Bengaluru @AryaTheLivingMeme
311 Lufthansa A320 Naples
312 Lufthansa A320 ( Sub for A321) Tev Aviv
313 Lufthansa A320 Athens
317 Aegean Airlines A320 Thessaloniki
318 Lufthansa A380 SFO @Olic99
GA Gates
Gate Airline Plane Destination Pilot
GA 12A N/A A318 Planespotting @Everything_Matthew
GA 12B
Cargo Gates
Gate Airline Plane Destination Pilot
901 Cargolux 748 Luxembourg
902 Southern Air 77F Halle
903 Fedex MD11F Cologne
904 Fedex MD-11F Milan
905 Fedex MD-11F Paris CDG
906 UPS MD-11F Cologne
907 UPS 757 Cologne

Thank you for your time!
Please consider signing up because it took us a while to make!


Can I have a remote A350 Carbon to LHR?

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Sure I’ll swap you out for one of the Eurowings A330s because they don’t have a livery in IF.


Thanks mate, great event


I would sign up for this but there is a Frankfurt flyout at the same time!

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Omg that was not intentional.
Im moving it to the next day


In that case, I’ll take a Lufthansa A359 to Denver, please.


Ok thank you!

@Luke_Sta and @BadPlane Please join the event discord! The link is in the original post

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we still don’t know if Bad plane can attend
I signed him up before the date change.

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We’ll see what he says when he looks at the event

I’ll take this one please

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Sure, Glad to have you onboard. Don’t forget to join our discord server for important announcements and Pre-Flight Briefings @Alex_L

I can. Don’t worry


Hmmmmm, I don’t think I can join the server. I don’t really like Discord.

Can I have this?

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I’ll take this please!


Hi Matthew,

If it’s possible to add a Gate for a Lufthansa A350 to Kansai, then I’d be happy to join, Thanks :)

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Hey Matthew,
Is EDDM-KSFO missing? Could you add a gate for LH458 to SFO in the A388?

Looks like it will be an amazing event now the A350 is out! I’ll sign up later in the year when I know what I’m doing 🙃