Huge Merge! Royal Airways VA (RAV) and PortSide Airways VA (POSA)

POSA and RAV are merging to make “Royal POSA”. We will use the wesbite Our Callsigns will be POSAXXXR. We will have a slack, In Mid June, we should will have everything rolling, including our routes, and management. So far we have more than 50 pilots together. Any questions please contact, the owners @Hunter_Reynolds, @jonah.c, of POSA, and @Captain_Dan of Royal. If you have any questions regarding the merge, contact @PlanesForLife. Thank you, and have safe flying!


Has this gone through Hunter, or me!?

It’s been discussed between the owner of this organization, and the owner of RAV, but I’m sure this would suit both you and Hunter.

I will see. I’ve already pm’d hunter and the CEO of our merger

I am there CEO of the merger … Please add me …

I meant tge owner, Captain Dan

Okay. Well, I’m waiting for a response. I already edited the website.

Fine by me! Sounds like an awesome opportunity

Yes, Royal-POSA will have over 50 pilots!

Ok this is get a bit crazy the pretend airline here are act like real life airline just remembering this is just a pretend airline

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That’s what a “pretend” airline is about! To pretend like the real airline!


I’m all in for this!

Will we need a new logo?

Yeah. I was thinking of combining the two … but if you are willing to make a logo, go right ahead!

Hi, since POSA is part of Skyliner Group, will Royal POSA stay in Skyliner?@B767fan

I have designed a concept logo!

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Too real like real thing all ways remember your are still playing pretend fake airline

Yeah, but at POSA, we try to look Proffesional :)


Yes, we will stay in the TSG.