Huge KPIT Fly Out! [Thanks for attending!] [63 People Attending, 75% Full] @ KPIT - 021700ZSEP18

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My good friend @Daniel14 at Tailwinds flying club has agreed to sponsor this event. Go check them out at their thread below!
Tailwinds Flying Club 2.0 | New Thread For Our Upcoming Anniversary!

Today I ask you to consider joining the biggest event at KPIT ever! KPIT or
Pittsburgh International Airport has been coming up from a long dip in service after U.S. Air left. Some of these routes will be starting soon, and are not in service yet. Also not all gates will be filled since not all are full at KPIT. I hope to feature some of our great services that you can fly from nonstop from this severally underpriced airport. Learn more about this amazing airport here!

Server: Expert

Airport: KPIT

Time: September 2, 2018 5:00 PM

NOTAM: Pleas make sure you are actually able to come before you sighn up…

Terminal A- Southwest, United, Air Canada.

Terminal B- American, Alaska.

Terminal C (Full)- British Airways, WOW, Condor, China Eastern, Southern Airways Expresses, Allegiant, Frontier, Delta.

Terminal D- Spirit, Delta, JetBlue.

Cargo- FedEx, UPS, Qatar Cargo.

USAF- Air National Guard 117 Air Reafuling Wing.

Air National Guard- USAF 911 Airlift wing.

GA hangers-?

Terminal A (5 Gates left!)

A1-Houston 737-700:
A3-Las Vegas 737-800: @Patrick_O_Reilly
A5-Los Angeles 737-800: @Shadow87645
A7-Ft. Laudable 737-700: @Kevinsoto1502
A9-Baltimore 737-700: @Ameru187
A11-Denver 737-700: @den.aviation
A13-New Orleans 737-700: @IanD
A15-Phoenix 737-800: @HFP
A17-Chicago (MDW) 737-700: @PilotJ
A19-Baltimore 737-700: @Plane-Train-TV
A21-Ft. Lauderdale 737-800: @Shane_Rowan
A23-Tampa 737-700: @Boeing797
A25-Dallas 737-700: @Jonas_Vargas_Taylor
A24-Atlanta 737-700: @Jack_Winston
A22-Nashville 737-700:
A20-Cancún 737-700:

A2-San Francisco 737-900:
A4-Denver 737-900: @SkySki
A6-D.C. (Dulles) 737-800: @NAGI_IBRAHIM_HAMID
A8-New York (EWR) ERJ-175: @AgusAeromexico
A10-Houston A320: @Kate_Russell
A12-Chicago 737-800: @Patrick_Gallagher
A14-San Francisco A320:

Air Canada…
A16-Toronto CRJ-200: @KIND9624
A18-Montréal CRJ-200: @MathAviation7

Terminal B (Full)

B26-Chicago (ORD) 737-800: @VAnuj
B27-Philadelphia A320: @Flying_Potato
B28-Phoenix A320: @146flyer
B29-New York (LGA) A320: @MichaelSalvatore
B30-Boston CRJ-200: @hi15td
B31-Miami CRJ-900: @757fan
B32-D.C. (Regan) CRJ-700: @turtlebiscut
B33-Raleigh A320: @mvh1221
B34-Charlotte A321: @esant_15
B35-Dallas 737-800: @InfiniteFlightAvgeek
B36-New York (JFK) CRJ-700: @american787-9
B37-Cincinnati CRJ-200: @JuhoV
B38-St. Louis CRJ-200: @Cpt_Richard
B39-Charlotte CRJ-900: @JetBlast_2119

B50-Seattle 737-800: @Pingu

Terminal C (Full)

Sun Air Express…
C-52 Johnstown C208: @AllegiantAir

C51-Myrtle Beach A320: @Lefterix
C53-Charleston A320: @Makdak
C55-New Orleans A320: @Lorne_V_Littlejohn

C54-Denver A321: @Cameron_Brown
C56-San Diego A321: @TenMileJones

British Airways…
C58-London (Heathrow) 787-9: @BennyBoy_Alpha

China Eastern…
C60-Shanghai China Eastern 777-300ER (Generic): @Captain_JR

C61-Reykjavik A320: @Daniel14

C59-Frankfurt 767 (Thomas Cook): @Jay757

C57-Paris 767: @vabriola40

Terminal D (3 gates left!)

D76-Atlanta 737-900: @kylen15
D78-Salt Lake City A319: @Dylan_M
D80-Miniapolis 717: @KingWings
D82-New York (JFK) CRJ-900: @Sebastian9915
D84-Boston CRJ-700: @CooCo2_CooCo2
D86-Detroit A319:

D77-Ft. Laudable A320: @Grady_Herbert
D79-Los Angeles A320: @BHXFlyer
D81-Dallas A320: @CameronH21

D83-Boston ERJ-190: @BostonStrongWill
D85-Ft. Laudable A320: @SkysTheLimit87

D89-Kansas City CRJ-700: @Marc.Stinger
D87-Cincinnati CRJ-700:
D88-Richmond CRJ-700: @Peter_S

Cargo (2 Gates left!)

Qatar Cargo…
“Cargo Delta” Luxembourg 777-200F: @Freddiefrogs

“Cargo FedEx 1”- Memphis MD-11F: @OS921
“Cargo FedEx 2”- Indianapolis MD-11F: @Playr_Mar
“Cargo FedEx 3”- State College C208:
“Cargo FedEx 4”- State College C208:

“Cargo UPS 1”- Louisville MD-11F: @Aceorbit

USAF (empty)

Air National Guard 117 Air refueling wing…

Air National Guard (empty)


GA hangers (one gate left!)

“Corporate 01”:
“North Hangar”: @2003iggy

Thanks for reading, and hopefully you can stop by on September 2nd for this event! Feel free to ask any further questions, or add any further comments down below…

Photo credits: Alaska Air Advert
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I have made this topic a wiki so any regulars out there feel free to add anyone who asked or your selves! 👍🏻


C55 for me please heading to new Orlando

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This Event Has Been Graciously Sponsored Tailwinds Flying Club!


Check them out here


What’s the shortest route available and how long does it take?

Well you could do just a very short flight or pattern work from a military gate, but otherwise NYC, DC, and Johnstown would all be about half an hour all said…

Sold for gate D82 to JFK! callsign will be Skywest 014

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Great, glad to have you onboard!

Great looking event! I wish I could come but I will actually be in Pittsburgh on that day, lol.


Wait, at what day is this?
I have a early flight to catch on September 4th, I can do September 5th…

Ha, lol, eaven better!


September 2nd, hope that works…

Oh No! I’ll be in China, which means it will be 1o’clock in the morning…

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I may be able to make it. Depends on my UVA flight schedule. I’ll let you know when we’re closer to the event.

The event looks great by the way!

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Oh bummer, sorry about that…

yeah… I wish I can come…

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Well feel free to stop by any other day, should I remove you from the list then?

I’ll take Gate C61 good sir

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yeah, I don’t want to make other people lose the chance. If there is any date change, PM me and I’ll see if I can come.

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After @Balloonchaser reminded me I have added the corporate/GA gates, have fun with that… 😉

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New Orlens? Reychivic? Somebody’s got some typos to fix. Jokes aside, I’ll take A13 to New “Orlens”

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