Huge KPIT Fly Out! [Thanks for attending!] [63 People Attending, 75% Full] @ KPIT - 021700ZSEP18

I’ll take B36 to JFK!

This is at 11 am est right?

I’ll take the UPS MD-11F to Louisville please.

No, 1PM EST, does that work for you?

@american787-9 and @Aceorbit you have been added, as has your gate at @Shane_Rowan

I have updated all the links to represent the new TFC thread, go check them out!

Three days left, get your gate before you cant!

So hyped for this event! Planning routes now. @KPIT

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Yes it does just wanted to make sure I’d be up

sorry I’m not able to come now i got 5 speed violations by accident and won’t be grade 3 till next friday

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Bummer, I’ll remove you…

Hmm which gate should I get?

What sort of flight do you want to do?

I would like a flight with a Delta plane but those are taken.

Is gate C53 taken? It says Terminal C is full although there is no occupant?

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Will there be ATC for this event?

@Dylan_M, the terminal was full, but someone had to leave, so that gate is avalable, I just forgot to update it…

Unfortunately not, unless a controller can step up…

@KPIT I really want this event to get 50 participants! It deserves it!

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Can I have a gate in terminal A with Air Canada pls, any gate is fine. Thanks

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