Huge Honolulu Flyout! 21DEC22

Welcome to my third flyout, also known as the Huge Honolulu Flyout! Hosted by yours truly, @flyin_hawaiian, Honolulu is known for its tropical climate, lush green landscape, diverse population, and community spirit known as aloha.

Event Info

Daniel K Inouye International Airport

A Concourse


A13 | Hawaiian | Kahului| B717
A14 | Hawaiian | Konā| B717
A15 | Hawaiian| San Jose| A321
A16 | Hawaiian| Līhuʻe| B717
A17 | Hawaiian| Long Beach |A321
A18 | Hawaiian| Oakland| A321
A19 | Hawaiian| Ontario| A321
A20 | Hawaiian| Portland| A321

B Concourse


B1 | Hawaiian| Hilo| B712
B2 |Hawaiian| Kahului| B712
B3 |Hawaiian| Lihue| B712
B4 |Hawaiian| Kona| B712
B5 |Hawaiian| Kahului| B712

C Concourse


C1| Hawaiian| Seoul|A332
C2| Philippines| Manila | A333
C3| Air NZ| Auckland|B789 @Captain_Nicolas
C4| ANA| Tokyo Narita| A388 (Generic)
C5| Asiana| Seoul Incheon|B772 @Butter575
C6| Korean| Seoul Incheon|B747-8 @EnthusiasticAviation
C7| Japan Air| Tokyo Narita|B787-9
C8| Jetstar| Melbourne|B787-8
C9| Qantas| Sydney|A333 @GalacticAir

D Concourse


D1|American| DFW | B789
D2|Hawaiian| LAX | A333 (Generic)

E Concourse


E1||Southwest| San Diego| B738
E2|Alaska|San Diego| B738
E4|Southwest|Lihue| B738 @I_Ride_Southwest
E5| Southwest|Kahului|B738 @N889FQ
E6|Delta |Minneapolis|B763
E7|Southwest| Los Angeles | B738
E8| Delta | Los Angeles | B763 @JMacMcd
E9|Southwest| Las Vegas | B738
E10|Southwest | Kahului | B738

F concourse


F1|Delta| Los Angeles | A330-900 @flyin_hawaiian
F2|Delta|Atlanta| A350-900 @john_frank

G concourse


G1| United| Santa Ana | B737-700 @United403
G2|United|Guam | B77W @Metro_Aviation
G6|United|San Francisco|B777W @RyanairLander

Cargo Gates


Cargo 1 | FedEx | Memphis | B777-F Reserved by @FedExVirtual
Cargo 2 | FedEx | Oakland | MD11 Reserved by @FedExVirtual
Cargo 3 | FedEx | Singapore | B777-F Reserved by @FedExVirtual
Cargo 4 | Fedex Feeder | Kaunakakai (Molokaʻi) | C208 Reserved by @FedExVirtual
Cargo 5 | Fedex Feeder | Lahaina Kapalua | C208 Reserved by @FedExVirtual
Cargo 6 | Fedex Feeder | Lanaʻi | C208 Reserved by @FedExVirtual
Cargo 10 | UPS | Guam | B748
Cargo 11 | UPS | Louisville | MD11
Cargo 12 | UPS | Hong Kong | B748
Cargo 13 | UPS | Ontario | MD11
Cargo 14 | Asia Pacific | Guam | B752
(Kamaka Air is also cargo)
Kamaka Hangar 1 | Lihuʻe | C208 (Generic)
Kamaka Hangar 2 | Lanaʻi | C208 (Generic)

Mokulele Ramp

Spot 1 | Mokulele | Lanaʻi | C208
Spot 2 | Mokulele | Lahaina Kapalua | C208
Spot 3 | Mokulele | Kaunakakai (Molokaʻi) | C208
Spot 4 | Mokulele | Kalaupapa (Molokaʻi) |C208

ATC services are greatly appreciated



  • Follow ATC instructions
  • If you intend to fly in from another airport please time it accordingly
  • We are not responsible any level 1,2 or 3 violations
  • If no ATC is not present use Unicom as professional as possible
  • Have fun

Flight plan suggestion
Please get your flight plan from FlightAware to make this most realistic as possible! This is best for the inter-island flights as many people have inaccurate FPLʻs.
@FedExVirtual Has decided to sponsor this event!

Welcome TO Your Next Virtual Home


I’m seeing two times…. 10AM EST and in the going/interested box says 12PM PST which doesn’t add up since 10AM EST would be 7 or 8AM PST

Which one did you mean to post?

do note this was posted on my phone and there’s likely spelling and grammar issues

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This one please

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10AM EST, my bad

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This please. I won’t be flying out

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Flying in I assume? Gotchcu down!

Yeah. I’ll fly in and stay until you all depart

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this one please

G2|United|Guam | B77W

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In the case, if I do join it’d be last minute since I don’t know if I’d be getting up at 7AM at around December

lol, im gonna be on the east coast but ill keep it in mind!
@Metro_Aviation You’re signed up!

This route for me please ;)

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Fly out bump!

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