HUGE Fps Drop

Hello, so as 22.1 is out, I now have 3-5 fps. I am currently flying a route of KSJC-KSEA the time this is posted. I would like to point out that there are like less than 10 planes in the area. I’m not what to do and yes, I looked at other posts and they didn’t help.

Sorry to hear this, but more information will be needed to help you out. Device, graphic settings, etc.

Hello, could you please provide us with more details such as your graphics settings, FPS settings, which camera view you were in and your aircraft count?

I have a 256GB 9th generation iPad! it is recent and if I have had performance problems, the simulator has even closed

I’m on a Samsung A 8.0 I believe it is, and all graphic settings are on low.

I know that the Tab A isn’t the best but it gets 10-12 fps on a plain airspace

There must be something to do with the removal of rendering quality since it is now defaulted to high. I also experienced this issue since the update came out.


No wonder my plane was so shiny. Lol

rendering quality settings are removed

Hello @Ryan_boi, could you try backing up your replay files, delete Infinite Flight, restart your device and then reinstall Infinite Flight for us. Just trying to test something since you most likely updated from 21.8 to 22.1. You didn’t do anything wrong here, just trying to see if there is a difference with a fresh install while we wait for a fix for this.

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i have done this and nothing happened, i literally just finished reformatting my phone and nothing. did a fresh install on my grandma’s a22 and it only gets 10-12 from the usual 20-45fps beforehand (on a test)

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