Huge FedEx Bonus

FedEx, due to the coming holiday season, is attempting to keep senior pilots from retiring with huge bonuses. Word is that senior pilots at FedEx make around 300k per year. If it was you, would you stay and collect the bonus?


This is very interesting. I am not sure I’d stay for the holidays because I’d like to spend the holiday season with my family but for those who love flying for them might collect the bonus.

Its a great time to be a pilot, thats for sure.

I suspect quite a few of these older pilots will stay for the bonus. This demographic is on the verge of retirement, and an extra $40,000 before walking out the door has to carry quite a bit of appeal.


I’d stay if I worked for them and I’d scream cha ching, cha ching, hallelujah while driving all of the way to the bank. Tis the season for some extra cash and extra presents for everyone ;)


Amen brother! I’d do the same, work a few extra weeks now and next year folks we will have a huge Christmas! Lol

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Senior pilots on a 777 for FedEx can make up to 400k with bonuses, FedEx pays very well!

Maybe to be a pilot at FedEx, but not for much of the industry.

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I’d park my plane, Uber to the nearest Porsche dealership, grab my ride, and then meet up with the wife and kids for a nice holiday meal at Casa Bonita…my treat.

The retirement age is non negotiable. Once a commercial pilot hits 65 years old they can no longer fly as an ATP, not a day further. It is an FAA rule with no exception. Fedex cant do anything to keep those retiring pilots around. They would not legally be allowed to operate. I dont understand where Fedex thinks they can get away with this and the FAA doesnt give out special cases for such. With that I dont think this is Fedex asking retirement pilots to continue flying but pilots not at retirement age that have put in their retirement time to put it off until the Mandatory retirement age. If that is the case the article is misleading as it states “to keep retirement age pilots flying”

Talking w my buddy who just got captain in the 757. I can tell you he’s making bank and he’s not even 50

Damn. I wonder what it’d be like to work for FedEx.

Pilots can be eligible for retirement before 65😜 Also the rule you are referring to regards passenger transport not a cargo pilot. I could be mistaken but I think that is the difference.

I just went and skimmed the rules by the FAA and there are some many exceptions and exemptions in the mandatory retirement age rule. I haven’t found the one that allows FedEx to do this but I’m sure it’s above board. These folks know how to find loop holes and know how to do so legally.

Crap 300k?! That would motivate me!

For your sake mate I hope you don’t plan on being an airline pilot or a corporate pilot for that matter 😊

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