Huge Denver Flyout! - America's Busiest Volume 6 @ KDEN - 261900ZAPR20

What if you did a connecting flight to India

Hey, I will take this one.

Actually the event is at 11-30 pm in india so by the time i take off it would be too late plus then i have to also land at newark thats why. I can do a380 emirates to dubai also if that’s ok.

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@DanVenezuela, @Joshua_Sukel1, and @Alex_L I’ll sign you three up!

@MJMN I am not sure those are real routes, if you find proof of either one I’ll add you in

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ok bro then can i take denver to tokyo narita as i need a long haul one on united.

I will take A47 to Chicago Ohare

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@MJMN There are no more gates suitable for an aircraft the size of the B789

@Anthony_Williams A47 is yours, enjoy!

Can you please remove my name off the list unless you change the date because I will be attending a YouTuber EGLL Flyout on that day thank you?

Sure thing, thanks for telling me

leave brother i will try and manage.

Do you want me to sign you up even though there is no gate where a B789 could spawn or do you want me to leave you at your original gate?

sorry sir can’t take part the event is after 1200 am so a i would not be able to land. Thanks anyways.

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We are now at 23 attendees, sign up now!

brother still my name is not removed from the gate. Kindly remove me from the gate so that if anyone needs it they can get it. Thank You.

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Thanks for telling me!

B15 to KCID!

Hi can you please sign me up for Gate A39 to KLAX?

@chuckaule and @Anshul_Patil you two are signed up, enjoy!

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Ppreciate it!

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Make sure to sign up for the event now!

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