Huge Denver Flyout! - America's Busiest Volume 6 @ KDEN - 261900ZAPR20

B32 is yours, enjoy!


How come you don’t have Lufthansa 744 to Frankfurt or the 350 to Munich or the United 789 to Frankfurt. Cause I would take the Lufthansa to Frankfurt I think the gate is A43

I would like to take B56

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@CPT_Colorado I’ll see if I can add you in!

@MJMN The gate is yours!

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@CPT_Colorado are you sure that’s a flight? Can’t find a direct flight on Flight Aware

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Yea I looked there but in real life it’s a thing cause I was on it but if it’s not of flight aware I will just look on there and get back to you for which one I want to do

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United Virtual is now a sponsor!


Make sure to check out their thread:


I don’t know why it’s not on flight aware but here is a google flight link for the real thing.;c:USD;e:1;s:00;sd:1;t:f;sp:2.USD.371285

Great! I’ll sign you up!

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Thank you so much looking forward to it see you on April 26th

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Could i get B38 please?

May I please have B63 to KMSY. FLIGHTLA205

The flights probably not on flight aware because the flights aren’t operating due to the travel ban

Yes, but usually it still appears and shows up as canceled

@FlightLA205 and @Eugene_Leybovich I’ll sing you two up!

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I’ll take the United 739 to KMSP for UVAL!


Great choice, I’ll sign you up!

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I’ll take gate b46

I can do B84 to KRAP for UVAL

HELLO, brother its a humble request. I am on gate b56. There are no routes to India. Being from India i would love to fly air india boeing 747 from denver to mumbai. Please can you alot me that?