Huge British Airspace Closure

News has just broke that UK airspace is experiencing severe issues with a computer system regarding the ATC system they use.

In a statement, NATS said “ *This morning’s technical issue is affecting our ability to automatically process flight plans.

Until our engineers have resolved this, flight plans are being input manually which means we cannot process them at the same volume, hence we have applied traffic flow restrictions.

Our technical experts are looking at all possible solutions to rectify this as quickly as possible.

Our priority is ensuring every flight in the UK remains safe and doing everything we can to minimise the impact.

Please contact your airline for information on how this may affect your flight. We are sincerely sorry for the disruption this is causing.*”

What are your thoughts on this?


Loganair I believe, decided to warn customers on X instead of individual emails.

They should check out and see how they can work around it with some help from the US, as they experienced something similar in January or February.

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The insane aircraft on ground at LHR. Some heavy arrivals like JAL43 may need to make some holding patterns or divert if the Airspace is still closed. If it is opened by the schedule arrival time, I think there might be an announcement

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That seems like poor customer relations to me.

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The problem has been “identified and remedied” so hopefully operations can return to normal soon.

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Of course this had to be on a day I was flying. Spent 6 hours sat in Newcastle Airport and had my flight cancelled twice! (That has to be a personal record)

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Oh no! Hope you get there soon!

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RIP anyone flying in/out of LGW…

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My grandma was coming back from Lyon via London (to Minneapolis) yesterday. Good thing she wasn’t scheduled for today!

I’m back home now. Going for attempt number 2 tomorrow.

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