Huge Austin Fly out. All gates accepted

Hey. I’m doing a flyout from Austin with all gates and all routes accepted. You just tell me and I’ll sign you up. Please be courteous to other pilots. we need ATC also. Im doing a 757-200F from Cargo 1. Have fun

November 17, 2018 @ 2:00 pm

Hello! We appreciate your post today, but in order to post an event in the #live:events category, you must me TL2. Keep liking posting and contributing and you’ll get there in no time!

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You must be TL2 to post in the #live:events category. As well as if you do post an event in the future, please follow the rules here.

Hi there! Do you have any gates or assigned routes? If so I’m sure some people can help you edit the format.

This is in the live catagory

I do not have assigned routes

For it to be an event it must be in the events category.

But it’s an event, must be in the events cat ;)

Please direct me to the people who can help me format

I’ll PM you

Sorry bout that

I can always make the event if you’d like me to, so you can get it started!