Hudson River skyline route

I recently did the skyline route down the Hudson. This route has you fly in the bravo at ATC assigned altitude, NY approach gave us 1500 down the river and it was very cool tuning to LGA tower and EWR tower. It was my first time flying in bravo airspace and I was very excited! Below are some pictures I took, if you have any questions about this procedure let me know!!


Great views of the city! Nice photos! Seems like a fun flight.

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My roommate from Poughkeepsie has done this too, very cool. Makes me miss New York even more!! 😭

That’s super cool!

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This is such a fun flight to do. I remember doing it for the first time, it was incredible. Amazing photos!!

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I know it’s very fun!!

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that’s so awesome! we used to fly out of HPN (White plains) a lot, and it was so fun when we got to fly the Hudson River route! it’s such a scenic route! it’s also pretty cool flying into the Bravo, especially when you get to fly over JFK, EWR, or LGA!

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