Hudson River Landing Challenge (FINISHED!) @KLGA 121800ZJAN19


Well, thats just a problem on your end, since i can land on the river (or at least try) with no problem.


I will take a gate


So how do you do it is there something to turn off in the settings…just curious


@Dylan_M, @WestJet737767, and @Mattheus approve of the title LaGarbagia


I meant a judge gate lol


Nope, I can just do it with default IF settings. I think it’s just a problem with your device.


Also will most likely take off from teterboro or somewhere not Laguardia


Ok thanks for your feed back


Sign me up please!


@Transport_Hub come to this event :angry:


Whilst luckily no one died to the skills, team work and professionalism of both pilots as well as cabin crew on this flight, should we really be trying to recreate it?

Perhaps more appropriate would be to have the event to complete the flight as was planned…?


For those questioning the stance on this event:

This event is ok to stay. As David said above, no one passed away as a result of this aviation incident. It would be another story if this event was based on another tragic aviation incident where many lives were lost. I just ask that those participating in this event be respectful and not make a major “joke” out of what had happened.





Actually the left engine,engine 1, was sub idol. So you will cut engine 2 and run 5 % n1 to simulate very minimal power at sub idal. I can’t make it tho. Sorry.


Not sure @Transport_Hub would approve of you calling the airport this name 😂


Or Dylan for that matter


so easy(can’t join)



I made that and it was so easy
and to see proof you must see the engines


I dont know what your saying here. If your saying that on IF it is easy…correct it is paint…in real life…not…no…