Hudson River Landing Challenge (FINISHED!) @KLGA 121800ZJAN19


I’ll let you know if I can join closer to the date, no idea what I’m doing this summer, so I could be away


But… it’s in January…


Not gonna join, but wow 10 years.


Is it at all possible to get a gate C15, that’s the actual gate it departed. If. If not I’ll take any other gate.


Alright fine. I will sign up


Signed you both up!


Won’t you crash if you try this? The glitch that was allowing this was removed…


Recently I did similar with an A380 only a few days ago. So no, it’s not removed.


Slide me in there


Sign me up there!


Andrew is Australian, and December/January and February are when it is hot/Summer for us.


If there are any more spots I’ll take one please


If there’s any spots I might be able to make it (in an Air New Zealand A320 cause that’s what us kiwis do 😉)


Sure mate!


Quick question, why is it on casual?


So if something goes wrong, we won’t get violations.


Oh ok. Makes sense now.


@Transport_Hub I want you to come to this with me so I can anger your “realistic” ideals.

Sure, why not, give me a gate. What could go wrong?


sign me up!


Question I have tried this secenrio a couple of times but as soon as I hit the water the game crashes and returns to the menu is there a way to stop that so the plane just sit on top on the river