Hudson River Landing Challenge (FINISHED!) @KLGA 121800ZJAN19


Server: Casual
Airport: LaGarbagia
Time: January 12, 2019 6:00 PMJanuary 12, 2019 7:30 PM

It has almost been 10 years since the remarkable work of Cheslley “Sully” remarkable landing on the Hudson River after a dual engine failure caused by a flock of Canadian Geese on January 15th, 2009.

The Saturday before the 10 year anniversary of this event, we will have a landing challenge, to see if we can’t pull it off ourselves. We will spawn it at LaGarba-, I mean LaGaurdia airport and take off from runway 04, and climb up to 2,900 ft, while making a left turn over the Bronx at 185 knots, then shut off both engines, then glide over the left side of the river, before finally lining up with the river and ditching.

Participant Gates

Aircraft: US Airways A320
C01: @Aviator_Airbus
C03: @rubinedan
C04: @MathAviation7
C05: @Plane-Train-TV
C06: @Shadow87645
C07: @Jakub_Astary
C08: @James_Harvey
C09: @Lovethisgame
C10: @AsternDestroyer
C11: @Airchina789
C12: @Logan_Lee
C14: @WestJet737767
C15: @JeromeJ
D01: @samdog27
D02: @Goonchooi
D03: @BravoCharlie
D04: @ealandolt

Judge Gates

Aircraft: Daher TBM-930
B01: @Corgi
B02: @Luke_Sta
B03: @Starz_Flyz
B04: @Latvia

Flight Plan and Instructions

Credit to the US Airways Flight 1549 Wikipedia

Hope to see you there!

Never have I ever - IF Edition

Ooh, imma sign up for this
I need c14 as I need to be one of the last people to depart
@Dylan_M and @WestJet737767 approve of the title LaGarbagia


airport name is very valid!! :)


Can I join?


lol what?! XD


Sounds like an airport in Arab country


Sure, I’ll sign you up!


You got a spot!


You know what? Put me in


LMAOOO I think you mean LaGuardia?


I’m sure the mods love the idea of an event where the goal is to crash as smoothly as possible 😆


Yes! Thank you so much! Like @WestJet737767 said, I approve!


Cough cough…Hey I couldn’t find a airport called LaGarbagia, I think I’ll find it eventually though. Anyways I’ll take gate c05 unless there’s too much garbage there. Yea I’m going to stop with these cringey puns now. Anyways, good day!


LaGarbage is the nickname for LaGuardia lol


@Dylan_M Don’t worry, it was just sarcasm


Judge Positions are now available!
Only two spots! Sign up if you would like to fly low over the Hudson River in a TBM and judge how well people can land in the water!


@Aviator_Airbus I would actually love to be a judge. Sign me up.


Woah, um okay… It is kind of the London Luton of the west tho.


Am I allowed to attempt to land at Teterboro airport?


Sure @AndrewRG10!