Hudson River Landing Challenge (10 Gates Added!) @KLGA 121800ZJAN19


I dont know what your saying here. If your saying that on IF it is easy…correct it is paint…in real life…not…no…


@Patria_Patria if you said that it’s not easy
ofcourse LMAO and i didn’t say it was easy in REAL LIFE


btw i didn’t go to La guardia because my global was expired so i go to chicago(ohare) airport and i say that the proof is in the engines because i shut down 2 engines
like a bird strike


Understood. Good video :)


um… just saying IRL that landing in the video would have been a catastrophe… so it’s not as easy as you think

Engines would’ve torn off and the plane would’ve barrel rolled


Cool idea, but not for my timing though


Wow 10 years now. Sometimes to me it feels like a century ago and some days it feels like yesterday. It’s a day I’ll never forget. Sitting at work waiting to go pick up passengers for the afternoon and then all hell broke loose. Hey @Transport_Hub should I tell them the whole story?? 🤣


Speed is your discretion. :)


I might do it


280kts in the descent it is then 🤣



Can i join?


Hi i would like a gate


Can I be one?


It’s nice to have company now


Can I get a participant gate please?