Huddersfield to Leeds/Bradford Xcub

Sunday Teatime flight
I took off from Huddersfield (EGND) 5 minutes away from my home, known as Crossley Moor Airfield. I headed ‘north east’ along the A664 until i got visual on Huddersfield town football stadium. Once i clocked the stadium i headed north until i could see the M62. I followed the motorway east into Leeds city centre which lined me up directly with rnw32 at Leeds/Bradford airport (EGNM) for a bumpy final.

I really enjoyed my first conplete flight in the Xcub ‘without nosediving’ i really do hope over time the scenery improves because i really enjoyed flying around landmarks i recognised, the detail on the Xcub is amazing! I like the open door/window feature but would have loved it if the pitch of the engine volume changed when you open either but other than that its amazing to look at and fun to fly.
Something else you can do if you have a second device is to load up ‘live flight’ and toggle the map skin choose real world and you can use this to your aid navigation while VFR. Like a tomtom basically lol.



May want to get rid of this 😉 nice photos though!

My first ever post, i dernt touch anything