Hud Vs. Live cockpit

Was wondering if people prefer using the HUD over the live cockpit for landings and takeoffs, would be interesting to know! Especially since we have more aircraft with live cockpits now.


I only use the hud for final approach, take off and some of the climb. I have it switched off when using autopilot. Unfortunately most of my graphics settings are on low so its not that simple to read and rely on the instruments. Also we have somewhat of a flight director for lnav on the hud, however most live cockpits bar the 757 do not.

I only use hud on landings


No HUD, it’s definitely more realistic and challenging. No exceptions. Unless the ac lacks functional Instruments, which I rarely fly


I use the PFD /AI for most most phases of flight. I only use the HUD if the AC has a dead cockpit like the CRJ’s , MD11F, 787 etc. and there is no other way to fly.

UNLESS… Real world ops and operator calls for its use or option to use in specific conditions. That covers many AC and operators. When I do use it , its alway in the virtual cockpit mode sized to fit.

I recently addressed my repeated suggestion to upgrade it to be slightly more realistic in its data format and info presented.

That was not posted because I had an old post on the subject.

Its a nesscesary tool in IF because of users with small screens and also used in real world aviation.

Not to mention Military ops in the A10, F18, KC10
C-130 etc. HUD’s are used most of the time.

I use normal camera view, im terrible at live cockpit landings. HUD isnt too hard tho

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Live cockpit for the planes that have it and hud for the planes that don’t have it, mostly like the MD-11, F22 etc.

Damn what a mad-lad!

I use both maybe about equally.

For me they each offer distinctly different advantages depending on what my needs are at the time, based either on phase of flight practicalities or aesthetic (immersion) considerations.

As for the task of landings, I also alternate between both depending on conditions.

Taxi’‘Takeoffs " until cruise "i use the cockpit view’ for landings i use cockpit with hud.

On my iPad I’m more willing to use live cockpit but it’s nearly impossible to make a good landing on my phone with no hud cause I can’t see anything lol

Everything’s too small


I fly with HUD almost always…

I used to fly in X-Plane, but the PITA of trying to fly with real cockpit controls - dragging the view around, or having to operate a control looking in one direction when the visible effect was only visible in another direction, drove me nuts.

I like that IF allows almost all details to be handled in one view, plus the map.

For landings? Interesting approach

I use hud for landings but right before I touch down I use bottom view to align with center line and see if it was butter or not. I use bottom view for takeoff to see gears lift up and go up, it takes practice to takeoff or land without hud, I’ve mastered takeoff but not landings yet.

I fly with the live cockpit for realism. Sometimes, I might add the HUD while in the cockpit during approach.

HUD makes the landing a too easy IMO

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Same here, iPad is way easier to use the live cockpit with

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