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I was just wondering and wanted to make a poll, to know approximately how many of you try to use the most realistic experience, without using the HUD, even on takeoff, landing and taxi. Thank you for submitting your answer!

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  • I do not use HUD at any moment of the flight even ground ops
  • I use HUD during all the flight even ground operations
  • I use HUD on takeoff/landing/taxi (one of them or more than one) but I don’t use them for approach or climb

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In planes without HUD IRL, I use IF instruments, but I mostly fly aircraft with HUD.


I do landing,only. Except on commercial. The. I do deparure,approach,and takeoff.

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I only don’t use it with GA. Since there aren’t working cockpits I find it necessery for all parts of flight.


Thank you guys for voting and commenting! It was just a question that I asked to myself, and the variety is good, I always used HUD but now I am trying to accustom to use it without HUD, just for making it look real.

In real life it is from my knowledge (I am not 100% sure) that some commercial aircraft have it and pilots use it for takeoff and/or landing, so it is a great aid for being aligned and to show some important factors (speed, altitude, V/S).

I would love to land in the cockpit; it’s just that every time I try to do it, instead of using my rudder, it turns the view, and you can’t land a plane looking left, and not forward.

almost just for take off and taxi

I have started only using HUD for takeoff, but some RL airlines it is MANDATORY to use it for everything.

It is mandatory yes and rightly so

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