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Since the A350 would soon be released, i assume many IF pilots would be eager to fly without the HUD which would make realism top notch. I hope IF would make tutorials on Take off, ILS approach and Landing without the use of the HUD. It’s quite challenging to land without the HUD and I feel a tutorial is needed.


I think the real thing that makes landings without HUD difficult is the fact that you don‘t have the flight path vector. I think they can‘t explain anything about that so you need to practice a lot.


On the display, there’s a purple diamond on the bottom and beside the altimeter, the one on the bottom is to know if you’re lined up with the runway’s centre line. The one beside the altimeter is the glide slope. They are small and hard to see. So what you could do is use the PAPI lights for the glide slope🙂

Here’s a tutorial for the A3XX family hope this helps, and as @sebi-ue has said, practice practice practice🙂


Was a real HUD confirmed for the A350? Couldn’t remember to have seen anything like that. Otherwise it would just the well now overlay HUD, and that’s nothing specific to the A350 that needs a separat tutorial.

Practice! I still somewhat struggle with the live instruments in the A320 but I’m getting the hang of it and landing has gotten better. As the folks here have said, it just takes time! It’s also a new challenge;)

I don’t however deny that I love the flight path vector.

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