HUD Toggle Switch


Hey, many people are requesting certain views to have HUD, such as tail view and whatnot. I know they’ve added it into the cockpit, but personally for me I wasn’t a fan of that from the get go (though it is useful I will admit). Instead, I think there should be a HUD toggle switch so you can toggle the HUD for any view. For instance if you hold the camera/view button for X amount of seconds it’ll turn the HUD on or off. That way you can enjoy the view of the plane/cockpit or you can fly while watching the plane from tail view or window view etc.


You can put the plane in autopilot and enjoy the view from anywhere you like.

But, if enough people want that, then it could be viable. Make sure it’s an option because I would find it confusing and difficult to fly HUD from those angles. HUD would also take up much of the space that provides the nice view.

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What if you want to fly manually, or a fighter that doesn’t have autopilot?


I edited my post.

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That’s why it should be an option (If there is enough people that want HUD everywhere).

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This may not be on point but it must be recognized that the Glass Cockpit is the future. Even up market GA is going for a HUD type instrument panel or projection. GA owners of older up market frames are installing after market glass. The day of the six pack is passing unless your in the market for an old Cub. In today’s aviation environment with increasing density and work loads seat of the pants and eye balling the passing landscape is a Pax or right seat endeavor for the Trash Hauling community. (I note a lot of folk commenting they fly the approach with there eyeballs only. For you Wright Brother enthusiast Happy Landing and please don’t buy a real airplane) Max Sends


u can use the status bar for the job u whant! just set the mains: speed, alt, vs, hdg and there u have!