HUD Screen

Hi, do IRL pilots use the HUD on commercial airliners a lot for takeoff and landing? Just wondering

Yes. It looks like the sun visor in your car, but it’s clear.

I know, but is is a opinion thing or do they just use them like IF players

They use them during takeoff and landing.

Yes they do.

Apparently they are super expensive also.

ok, because I would die if I couldn’t use them. HUD screens are my friend

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I have never used one. It’s pretty easy to fly something with out one.

Indeed people rely too much on them. They had real dials(working instruments) people could learn to fly without them

From what I have seen it’s usually used at night takes off and landings and when taking off and landing in low RVRs.

@Beast_Assassin sure. If you are in a 172 doing an approach to mins(heck even a visual) at 75 kts there is no reason to use a hud. But if you fly into major airports some will have you go 190kts to the final approach fix. That’s a lot of speed and things are happening very fast. So if you have a hud why not use it? It doesn’t make you less of a pilot. It makes you a smart pilot using all available resources.

Usually I only activate the auto pilot at 11,000 -17,000 feet, so hand flying that all the way. When I get an rnav departure with your first two alt being pretty low you better believe the auto pilot is activated asap. If you bust altitude by more than 200 ft expect atc to give you a number to call them. And 200ft can. Be busted pretty easily in a jet.

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