Hud problem

So right now im flying from Malaga, Spain to Gothenburg, Sweden, and about 1 hour and 50 minutes into the flight, all off the hud and buttons dispersed, except the system info thing up in the corner.
I think I tried to press the menu button, and when I did this happened, the plane is still on LNAV mode and it is following the course, but I can’t interact with anything, i can’t even move the view, and I don’t want to lose 2 hours of flight time thanks to this bug.

This is how it looks.


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How long have you waited for it to come back?

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I just tried to start a flight and the same thing started happening to me. Thankfully, I didn’t even start my engines yet

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It won’t come back. I was lucky all the times it happened to me I was either on the ground or controlling ATC.

I can’t upload now as I’m doing a flight now, but yea it happened to me the first time I tried to initiate the flight I am doing now.

@TheMighyHowitzer You might want to include your device specs.

Mine are:
iPhone 6 Plus
iOS 11.0.3
Latest version of IF (Hotfix version)

Did you tried to restart the app? Or reinstall the app? I think that should solve it.

The same for me a while ago

It’s a iPad Air, that all I know, it’s not mine, we get them from the school.

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Well, I’m at school, and I walked away for lunch, with my device on.
Came back 20 later, and still not luck.

Well no, I am going to wait a little bit more, then maybe.

I use an iPhone 5s to do flight overnight and this issue happens when I come to it in the morning if I just press the screen in a few different places it comes back

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Well I can try, but I doubt that it will work, but thanks.

Well I just got back into the game and it reloaded and got back to the main menu.

I just tried to get back into the world, and now it just said so,etching about connectivity issues.
I am not wrong this has something with the original bug to do.
But RIP my 2/3 flight time spent on a 3 hour route…

You won’t lose your flight time. The flight time is added as you fly, not after the flight is ended.

I indircelty mean the XP i was going to get from the flight.

Your XP also ticks over as you go.

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So i still got the ex even if the app “reset” itself when I switched app for a 15 minutes and then got back to IF?

Yes, your XP and flight time is regularly updated. You don’t have to worry about losing your stats.

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This has happened to me on iPhone 7
I had to restart the app

The same problem in Ipad Air 2. The solution is to restart IF