HUD, or nothing?

Hey IFC!
I was wondering whether the IFC uses the HUD, or just the cockpit view when they are about to land. I always use just the cockpit view but today I tried the HUD with the dreamliner after a 12 hour long haul and I somehow got a -80fpm, while getting -150 to -300 on just the cockpit view. When I play, I try to make everything as realistic as possible, but with new planes coming out IRL, I was wondering whether using HUD is the most realistic way. I made a poll below to see what majority of the IFC uses and what I should start using more often.

  • HUD
  • Just Cockpit View

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Anyway, thank you for your time, and most importantly,
Have an amazing day, and see you in the skies!


I use cockpit view with the HUD and the FPV. In some aircraft I’ll use only the HUD though.


Realistically, many pilot IRL in the newer commercial jets use of the HUD and FPV. There is nothing unrealistic about using it.

In reality, it improves your aim to land on the center of the runway, especially in windy conditions, and low visibility.


I think hud on the planes that have huds IRL

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There was a time when I could not land in the cockpit view, however now I need the cockpit view to land…

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Yes, that is mainly the reason I am making this post, it was because I see a lot of pilots piloting the A350’s, and the dreamliners and they use HUD majority of the time, and I was wondering what you guys would choose! :D

EDIT: as well as what would be the most realistic choice!

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I choose to use the HUD and FPV most of the time. They are great tools to guide me down o hit the center of the runway, though I tend to switch up time to time. So I go for whatever I feel for, since I am able to land with and without the HUD and FPV in most conditions.

But in short, Majority of the time, I have them both on, since we don’t have working altimeters for the commercial jets in IF yet, therefore the HUD is a substitute for now to actually see my altitude and pitch. :)


Both. I mean it really is up to you as a pilot. Some tend to use more often than others. Also as technology progresses, HUD usage may increase since that will allow for the pilot to aim for the center of the runway with higher accuracy, most likely. But then again, you choose. Neither is wrong, and both are equally realistic to do, to use or not use HUD and FPV during landing.

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The FPV is also helpful when making smooth landings. Try to align it with the horizon just seconds before touchdown. Instant grease.

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That’s exactly what happened to me before when landing in Guangzhou!
tEh gReAsE!

I had to put grease or else @DeerCrusher would spook me

To add onto the people saying it’s realistic:

I believe the 787 also has a similar system. At the end of the day, pilot skill will decide a lot on whether to use the HUD. I don’t use it much anymore because I’m used to flying without it. However the HUD is very very useful to new pilots and people that enjoy flexing their smooth landings 🤷

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Because of the current instrument situation in the sim I pretty much always use a HUD whethere it be with the FPV or no. Live instruments become more widely developed hopefully the HUD wont be needed anymore… Unless they make realistic on for the cockpit for aircraft that have them.

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Others that I know of are the A319 and the 737s. Only for the captain in the 737 tho

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I tend to use the HUD. If not I just use the hud in the cockpit at times. It depends on what aircraft I use. If there is severe winds I use the outside view just to have a better understanding of where my aircraft is in regards to the runway.

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i would use just the cockpit only view…if you could turn off the HUD BUT keep the map in view to help with the navigation!

perhaps a feature request is needed… ?

I am using HUD when I will be flying a plane as don’t have live cockpit but when the XCub and TBM with Live Cockpit will i be using the glass displays!

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I use the hud, it doesn’t have the cockpit and distractions and just helps me fly

I used my PFD the other days and buttered the landing, most the time, I use the HUD though.

For me it depends on the aircraft. I really don’t need the HUD for GA’s like the TBM, but for larger commercial jets I’ll use it in windy conditions or low visibility.

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