HUD on devices with a notch is still displaced

After the recent hotfix the hud is still displaced
The screenshot below is taken with the view in centred position after i double-tapped the screen.
As you can see the hud is shifted to the right.
When airborne the fpv is also shifted.
I’m afraid like this IF is unflyable for me.

Regards Jonas

I don’t have that. Weird.

I’m flying on a Samsung Galaxy S10.
I’m only assuming this is a issue regarding all devices with a notch, but i don’t know.

I have this issue on a S8+ & S9+ Text on the home screen is cut off in the corners. It’s because the screen is curved but I don’t know why it’s like it. Maybe it hasn’t been optimised for IF.

In regards of flying, you still can but it’ll be much harder. Thanks for informing this. You might want to quickly reinstall Infinite Flight to Check if there is any progress.

I’ve already un- and reinstalled IF, but that unfortunately doesn’t solve the issue.

This is a bit funny. Not trying to diminish your experience here @Captain_Boedeker - so take it the correct way :)

But, the alignment have been an issue on iOS since notches became a thing. We didn’t even realize it until you reported it.

We’ll have a look!

It absolutly is funny flying like this- on solo!
Just flew a quick pattern at ksfo on solo.
You never exactly know where you are headed :D

Lol. I realize the issue more now… the whole thing is shifted a bit to the left. Looks like you’re always crabbing.

For me the hud is shifted to the right.
But yes thats the issue.

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I don’t have the exact same issue as you. Mine’s minor but a little annoying not being able to read the text like my callsign or version of IF on the home screen.

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yes i have that as well.
But thats been an issue even before 19.2.
But it’s so minor i didn’t mention it

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A few things i wanted to mention as well.
The whole HUD is shifted, not just parts of it.
You can see that by looking at the different sized gaps between the throttle and the left screenedge and the gap between the AP buttons and the right screenedge.

Another issue is that since 19.2 i accidentally cut the throttle with my left handclench during takeoff, because the touchsensitive field for the throttle is too far left and on the S10 there’s barely any screenedge. (I hope you all understand what i mean)
If i touch the red marked area the throttle reacts.

I’d be annoyed if that happened to me…


There should be an option in the settings where you can set the view (zoomed and normal if I’m right).
This setting is made for device with and without notch

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Thx for the tip.
I just found the possibility in the device settings to hide the camera (notch).
This solves the issues with the shifted hud and the other issues i mentioned.
But i believe you can’t set this setting for IF only.
You either activate it or not.
But in my opinion that’s not a real fix for this problem, since you can’t run IF on fullscreen.

I am flying on the same device. The HUD is indeed misplaced to the right. This horizontal shift is fixed when you hide the camera as @Captain_Boedeker suggested. However the attitude indicator remains misaligned vertically. That makes difficult to be aligned on turns while taxing and keeping the glide-slope while focusing on FPV. I noticed this on A320 and A321.

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We have a fix. It’s on it’s way :)


Great to hear that.
Thx for the fast work

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