HUD on current F-16 is way too Dark


The HUD on the current F-16, unlike the F-22 and F-14, is too dark and is hard to see through. Makes takeoffs, flying, landings, especially landings, extremely difficult. Is there a way to do a quick fix on this issue?




You reported this here:

If I’m not mistaken, the F-16 was always like this. It is one of the older aircraft in the Infinite Flight (released in 2012), hence it not being up to today’s standards.

If you would like to see a rework for this aircraft, I suggest continuing here.

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It wasn’t always like that.

The F-22 would have had the same issue if it wasn’t for the removal of the HUD glass.

The F-16 on the other hand cannot have the glass simply removed as it would make it look like a unfinished cockpit.

If they can find a way to brighten it a bit it’d be amazing because as of today, you can’t fly it at night.


Thanks. I’ve already voted for the F-16 rework. The HUD on the F-16 was much lighter before the 21.1 release. No worries. I will wait for the reworked F-16 whenever it becomes available in some future releases.

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