HUD on current F-16 is way too Dark

The HUD on the current F-16, unlike the F-22 and F-14, is too dark and is hard to see through. Makes takeoffs, flying, landings, especially landings, extremely difficult. Is there a way to do a quick fix on this issue?



I agree Raven! I once was doing a Milatary flight and I had to do it 12 times becuase I kept crashing!

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Unfortunately not, that’s my opinion as this is a fix asset to the plane itself. I normally use it simultaneously with the default HUD view and switch between both views from time to time. If you want the plane overhauled, spent your vote here (that’s what I did):

I’ve already voted. The F-16 is long overdue for a rework, overhaul, and upgrade. I would love to see varies aircraft configurations and liveries.

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The HUD was fine before the 21.1 release. I’m not sure what caused it or why it was changed.

They did change the texture settings. Now everything is more glossy and shiny. Maybe this caused the HUD to be more dark 🤷🏻‍♂️

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That makes sense.

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