HUD keeps malfunctioning on final

Hello, this is the 3rd time this has happened and I’m beginning to get frustrated. Lately, being on final seems to be a hit or miss because the HUD keeps malfunctioning and ascending while on descent making it hard to even know how close the ground is to you. It does not match the Altitude AGL or MSL and when using the exterior camera, it even creates more difficulty as the unlocked camera becomes locked and views the aircraft from above. I recently just did a final into Toronto Pearson Intl. on Expert after a 6 hour flight and while on final, my plane suddenly landed and issued a Taxi Warning while in HUD, it showed that I was at a higher altitude than what the Altitude AGL had shown. The closer I got to the runway, the further and lower away it got. Not only that, but also when it landed, the camera went below the surface. This isn’t this has happened either as you can see here which was a few updates ago. Same device.

Device: Samsung Tab S7 10.4
Operating system: Android
Update: This is what the replay shows. (1)

Could you please share your replay to have a better idea of what’s going on? The video you uploaded doesn’t really gives us too much information.

You can use this website:


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