HUD/Info bar fonts

Is there any way to change the font size/boldness of the HUD or flight info bar at the bottom of the screen while flying? Find it difficult to read with the white lettering at the bottom as it blends in with the scenery during daytime flying.


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No, unfortunately not.

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Yeah you can turn off bottom bar in settings it should say “interface timeout” but with that you will also turn off the whole HUD on the screen.

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Thx, I guess I picked the right call sign then…😁


He’s asking if he can see the lettering more clearly.

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I would love a transparency option of the status bar.

Correct, the HUDs in light green and the info bar at bottom is white and both can be difficult to see during daytime hours

The intensity of the HUD is at its max when centered and decreases when moved away from the center. Unfortunately no setting available to increase the contrasts (as far as I am aware).

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