HUD horizon line error in 3D cockpit view

The HUD horizon line is no longer aligned with the horizon when selecting the HUD while in 3D cockpit view.

This issue has impacted most of the aircraft in the sim and makes flying with the HUD in 3D cockpit view difficult and disorienting.

If in IFR conditions, you have to use either the live instruments (not feasible for those of us using the sim on a device with a small screen) or go to just the HUD view (no cockpit. Manageable but not as immersive) so that you don’t lose spatial orientation.

Being able to use the HUD while in 3D cockpit view is a cool and unique feature to infinite flight that I always thought was awesome and set the sim apart from the others.

Please fix the HUD horizon line error while
In 3D cockpit view by realigning it with the outside horizon. This will allow us to once again enjoy flying in 3D cockpit view with the HUD and will eliminate the disorientation.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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This is intended and not a technical issue. The HUD is not intended to be used in cockpit view.

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