HUD horizon line correct in 3D cockpit views?


I noticed that the HUD horizon line doesn’t appear to be aligned with the scenery horizon when flying in a 3D cockpit camera view (the example I’ve included is the captains/left seat view).

In HUD view, the HUD horizon line is properly aligned with the scenery horizon.

Is it just me or does anyone else notice this too? Thanks.

Hi there,

The reason for this is because HUD view wasn’t made to be in cockpit view as we have live instruments in many aircraft. What you are seeing is correct but the HUD view in cockpit mode will be distorted.

Personally, I just use the regular HUD view since I’m not proficient in live instruments or cockpit view.

Hope this helped


Thanks for the reply. I like using the HUD while in 3D cockpit view as I play the sim on a phone with a small screen (difficult to see the live instruments).

Would it be possible to better align the HUD horizon line with the scenery horizon when we’re at a level attitude in 3D cockpit view?

If you’ve rotated or moved the camera angle, you can double tap to reset it to the default setting, which tends to be the best for hand-flying.


Here is Seb’s response to the same issue that you mentioned:

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I appreciate the reply. I do a lot of hand flying.

I understand that the new live instruments contributed to the distortion.

It would be nice if there was an option in settings to have HUD horizon aligned with scenery horizon as it was in legacy aircraft that don’t have live instruments.

As I mentioned earlier, I can’t really use live instruments much as my phone screen is small. Other users probably have this issue as well

I’ve included a link to a previous discussion for context on legacy aircraft


The below picture is an example of the HUD horizon line being correctly aligned with the scenery horizon while in 3D cockpit camera view (screenshot from the 747-200 which doesn’t have live instruments).

It would be awesome if there was an option in infinite flight settings to align the HUD horizon with scenery horizon while in 3D cockpit camera view.

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Yeah. It would be nice to have an option in infinite flight settings to align HUD horizon line with scenery horizon when using HUD in 3D cockpit camera view.

Not all of us use the live instruments nor is it easy to use them when you play the sim on a small screen.

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I looked into this issue further and aircraft with live instruments are not the only impacted aircraft (see attached screen shots from the Dash 8 and C-130).

It appears that this is a problem with recent aircraft added to the sim and/or which were recently reworked (see screenshot from the recently released rework of the 757)

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