HUD (Head-Up-Display) for all military aircraft

I have no votes left but this definitely needs to be added


I have several requests for an updated HUD in general. Search for the topic… I think some were closed out. This is GREAT IDEA , the F18 and many other military fast movers all use HUD’s as well as other airframes. Not to mention commercial use
SWA and FedEx for 2 examples. But I’ll keep it to the IF F18 and A10 …THEY SHOULD HAVE PROPER HUDS TO SCALE. Not full screen sized by zooming and old arcade style displays with one brightness or color.

Time to take notice IF. If you are building military AC with live cockpits , please figure it out. At close to or over Mach 1 and close to too the deck flying eyes need to look out.

This dosen’t cut it. (See attached)

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totally agree
we need that feature


The “HUD” in IF needs to be upgrade in general for all AC

maybe all aircraft should have new hud?

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Clear one , for this ? Its important to game play.

Correct on all points ! Thanks for explaining that.

In IF we have a moving HUD now and its horrible.
Dosen’t have normal data and symbology for starters.

I’m with you on fixing it in place TO SCALE .

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Thx for the support ladies and gentleman!


Just to say its not just fast movers, even Heli pilots and they have been testing it on C-5’s and C-17’s also. its expanding across all military types. its awesome to see !!


On certain boeings yes

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Exactly very very true

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Just imagine landing with this 😍



So freaking hot

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Won’t ever have a chance to happen if its not made important by all of us Then at least it will be taken seriously. We have one now , so there is a chance

A simple and elegant solution would be the ability to lock and then “look away” from the HUD.
There would just be a third HUD view where you would zoom and pan to the desired angle, press a button to lock it and then you’d be free to zoom and pan around the cockpit without the HUD following you around.
A simple double tap of the middle of the screen would then center your view on the HUD (wherever you placed it).

This would allow the realistic placement of the HUD without having to render an actual projected image on a translucent glass pane which probably would not be great for performance.

One advantage would be for aircraft with live cockpits the HUD could be placed where it would be IRL, but when you looked down at your instruments the HUD would not block your view.


Thx for all your ideas and support. We’re still some votes below tail logo lights, as an example but let’s keep going! :)

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I might be missing something?: In your 2nd and 4th photo, the FPV appears to be in a position giving incorrect directional information?

How is it bugged?

Something fundamental I’m not understanding here(?). There is a HUD. It accurately and usefully shows bank, pitch and FPV directional information. What other info is being asked for and in what presentation that would be an improvement?

Is it only that the HUD moves when you look around and is not fixed in the center screen view?

Hey, l built the images by using an image editing software. They might be incorrect but I think they convey the message: we need a HUD. Therefore I used the graphics already available in MFD inside the F 18.
But I highly welcome you to provide feedback, as well as additional information. And also a vote, if you find it as useful as I do :). Thank you!