HUD-FULL only on the left

For the past week or so, I’ve been enjoying the HUD-FULL on the left had side. But now, it’s back in the right and I can’t change it back. Was so handy being able to see the Navigatin controls and the systems on one screen. Any advise on how to change and do this again? Nothing had changed on my side. Still using a Samsung Galaxy S7. Help is much appreciated.

Can you provide a screenshot?

And move the topic to support

Please find screenshot attached.Screenshot_20171029-172629

It looks like you have a large device so your switch are all in the right.
But can you switch to the autopilot / thrust panel?


If you can switch, tap the “two squares” by the headphone set on the bottom bar, and swipe to the left to get to the thrust, A/P, Flaps, etc.

I think I have this fixed. My device changed the text size which moved the display around. All is working now. Many thanks for your help on this.