HUD for FA 18E Super Hornet

Hey, does anyone know if an update of an HUD is planned for the latest Super Hornet?
I can remember this was answered by Jason on discord, but I can’t find the reply anymore.
If this wasn’t confirmed, I’ll do a feature request :) for that.

Thx in advance.

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I don’t believe anything has been officially mentioned by the staff about a HUD, so it might be worth making a feature request for it and letting the moderators decide whether or not it should be approved, pending what the official status of the HUD is.

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Thx for your answer. I’m relatively sure, it was mentioned either by Jason or Tyler. „They need some „love/time“ from Phillipe to make it happen.“ something like that. But I can’t find the statement anymore. It was in one of the WIP updates on Discord. But yeah, maybe I’ll open a feature request :)


If someone’s is interested, here’s the feature request: HUD for the brand new F/A18E

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