HUD Flashing

I’m currently having low fps issues, about 1 frame every 2-5 seconds, but that’s not the issue I’m reporting. The HUD (autopilot, stats at the bottom, throttle, trim, flaps, brakes, speed brakes, etc.) is flashing and it is pretty annoying. I mean it is there one frame, the next frame, it is gone, the next frame it is there, the next it is gone, and it isn’t going away. I haven’t touched the screen in 3 or 4 minutes and have it set to disappear after 2 seconds.


iPad Pro 2018 12.9"
iPadOS 14.4
Infinite Flight 20.3.04

The issue you’re describing is probably ‘expected’ because the simulator is not designed to run at .25 frames a second (it’s unplayable at this point). Best way to fix this issue is to fix your fps issues (create a separate #support topic tailored to the issue and we can take a look).

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