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I keep seeing youtubers for IF and in their video they use no hud when the cockpit is live…and no it doesnt look like they zoom in or anything like that but how do they manage to see the small screens and stuff like that in the cockpit it self? And is it so small like that irl(yes i know its a mobile game) and can this ever be a change in the future

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I would wager a guess most people that stream use larger devices such as tablets, or perhaps cast their screen. The displays are much easier to see on a larger screen than on a phone. Besides zooming in, I can’t really think of much that can be done to make them easier to read…

I try to zoom in and practice without but i physically cant cause then i cant see outside as good when landing

You’d have to find a zoomed-in position that works best for you, which gives you a bit of a view outside, and a bit inside.

Instrument flying is all about “head down” flying. In theory, and to some extent, in practice as well, it’s possible to fly a plane all the way down to the ground by zooming in only on the primary flight display.

I agree with this point. A larger screen makes a bigger difference.

I’ll give you an example for some practice though. To some extent, you’ll be able to see, with practice, the speed change (especially on takeoff) when it goes from two digits (90kts, for example) to three digits (100kts, for example) and evaluate the time it takes to get to your rotation speed. In real life, as well as in IF, I always call out “One hundred knots,” whenever my speed reaches there. That’s a significant change that’s identifiable even on a small screen.

As for altitude, you mostly use the autopilot! For landing, follow the GPWS call outs (in Boeing aircraft especially).


Exactly! I personally do not stream but fly on my iPad and can easily read the instruments without any issues which really gives it a real feeling and enables me to fly without HUD. I can imagine it is a much different story on a phone though.


It’s usable on some phones, typically android phones. Main reason for this being that most flagships android phones have 1440p displays, making it clearer. You still have to squint a bit, and zoom in but it’s readable. I can’t imagine it being great on iPhones however as apple haven’t invented the 1440p screen yet, most of their devices running sub 1080p…

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This is kinda motivating me knowing that people do it… thanks a lot i will practice in solo

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I use an XR so oof

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while I have no issues when flying on my 12.9’ iPad, I struggle to see anything on my phone tbh, so larger screens are defenitely easier to fly without hud

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No problem!

Remember, on landing and takeoff, all you really need is to keep track of the centreline. Find a view where the “dashes” of the centreline are visible to your reference point on the instruments (for me, I use a point just above the PFD on the panel, as the reference for the centreline).

I agree i switched from ipad to my phone for storage so thats a pain

Update: i just went in solo…just like u said i always do i did find a reference point its a random thing on the (dashboard of a plane) idk what u call it haha… and it worked out for me short final and TO but that was 0 knot winds i have to practice cross and head winds now :/ this is gonna be pain

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Hi mate! I am also struggling with the small screens as well. You can have a look at my feature request if you want to improve the display as well!

Thats a great topic i just voted :)

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