HUD Display Bottom Bar Dissapearing

So this has been happening to me every now and again, when during flight I want to take a look at my ETE or something, I go and touch my screen for the bar to pop up and when it does something happens, and it disappears and I cant get it back again.

This problem then leads to me not being able to access controls like my throttle etc. Furthermore, after I try to exit the game by pressing the ‘Sandwich’ icon in the bottom right nothing happens, and im forced to go into my app screen and swipe IF off.

It just happened to me a few minutes ago where I was switching atc frequencies, and the atc ‘box’ started to sort of blur out, and then I could no longer access anything.

Normally I didnt really have a problem with it, but in my past 3 flights it has happened twice, both times on approach around 30nm from my destination. So now im wondering has anyone else experienced this ‘disappearing’ bar, and is there a way to fix it? I wouldnt mind if it happened like once a week, but now it seems to happen way too often.

Have you tried reinstalling the app?

Also when it happens to me I just go to the home screen then back onto IF

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This happens all the time and you can fix it by going into settings (unless it doesn’t give you controls at all - which can be fixed by exiting the app quickly and reentering)

Worst Case: A app restart is needed (not likely though - if this is the same issue that I’m thinking about)

Yes nothing becomes visible, I cant even go into the menu to ‘exit game’, im forced to press my hoome button and force stop the app.

This happened to me too when I was streaming that I had to redo my flight which made me mad 🙄

You may have some corrupt files.
A simple reinstall meant if the app may help, do not be afraid that you will have to pay again because since you already bought it you can download the app for free.

@Chatta290 Yes ive tried doing a quick exit to my Home Screen and back into the game the first of the two times, but that didnt lead to anything so I didnt try it when it happened just now either.

I have this happen all the time. On school wifi. I’ve never had an issue outside of school wifi

This issue have been addressed by the developers and will hopefully be gone with the next update.

A simple restart of the app should do for now.

Sorry for any inconvenience!


Okay follow what I first said and reinstall the app then let us know if you still experience it

Alright thanks! Gets pretty annoying but I guess I can live with it for the time being :)

Ive reinstalled the game way too many times, if I can avoid it I will.

Other temporary solutions could be:

  • Avoid pausing the app.
  • Disengage HUD timeout as previously mentioned.

A lot of the times its not even when the HUD is off the screen. Like right now I was just contacting atc, and then everything just disappeared.

That happens to me sometimes as well. What I do to fix that in the middle of a flight is to double click the home button if you have an IOS phone so your phone or tablet shows you all your tabs that you have open, then go back into the app and it should be paused. If you have an android device you can do the same by just clicking the icon on the bottom left next to the home button.

Tried that except for me it doesnt bring me to the pause screen, just back into whatever camera view I had on with nothing I can click on

Well, it was just suggestions :)

I can’t really say i know what’s causing this. All i know it’s supposed to be fixed in the next version :)


If you ever do a flight and wish to avoid pausing the app then maybe using it on a device that you wouldn’t normally use if you have IF on it. As well as putting in a manageable Weight and balance, as well as a good time for your flight. I hope you issue gets resolved soon. Good luck! ;) (I got this response from @schyllberg and his ways to avoid you issue.)

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Thanks a lot, as long as its a known issue im not too worried about it, now just have to look forward to the next update even more! You can close this now thanks.

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