HUD compass turn indicator not working

Hello Community I noticed that the turn indicator on the compass in the HUD mode is not working properly on turns.

Aircraft: A321

Hello, I do not notice anything. Do you mind explaining the problem with the turn indicator to me?

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Yes, a purple line is supposed to indicate my turn direction in real time just below the heading on the compass.

I see the purple line right next to the direction heading.

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He’s supposed to be turning left, but is really turning right (look at the mini-map). Check to make sure you enabled NAV.

Looks normal to me, but I think I’m missunderstanding something.

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Oh @Patria is Autopilot on?

No. This is not a navigation question, its the purple line below the heading on the compass I thought the pruple line was supposed to be longer on the turn?

As your rate of turn increases, the longer the purple line indicator will show. So, if you were to pull back on the yoke while in a turn, you’ll notice that the rate of turn will increase; therefore, making that little purple line longer than what it was.


im landing at hethrow right now but ill film what I mean. :). Darn purple line.

@DeerCrusher has provided you with the answer. The shallower the bank angle, and faster the plane travels the less deg per second you turn. Thus resulting in a smaller line.

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I remember the indicator being much more evident in previous flights.

Oh I see what you are thinking. At around 1:16 it didn’t move because you weren’t necessarily changing the heading, you were just going straight-ish.

Somthings wrong with that line. even before I started the takeoff roll it freakishly swung left. at 0:02

I’m glad you see it I have no clue what he’s talking about at this point.

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That’s just a minor glitch probably because you were just flying before. But @ 0:09 it changed because your heading changed.

The quick jump is normal as once you spawn the heading updates.

I do see what you mean around 1:10 mark. Will take a look. Does it happen the same in every plane?

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So the line is only supposed to move a tiny bit when turning?

As @DeerCrusher pointed out it is related to your rate of turn. I forgot how many seconds it was supposed to indicate.

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Cool. Well then this topic can be closed. Thank you everybody.