HUD color change


I’m sure the topic is self explanatory, the option to change the green hud to another color. This would be specially helpful flying in low visibility conditions for the green HUD kind of disappears when fog is present. Colors could be simple like blue or black.


I like the green HUD it stands out from the surrounding environment - Not to mention it’s a realistic color. I think any other color HUD would be even harder to read. Ie Black HUD at night…


HUD are green in real life, an option to adjust the brightness of the hud will help a lot to solve your problem.


Perhaps putting a very small black outline around the green HUD would make it easier to see.


Green is good. Add Adjustable illumination as suggested plus “Black Blocked” currant altitude/air speed and a numbered calibrated scale on the turn/bank and angle of attack horizontals stadia lines. Max Sends