HUD camera issue

Hey guys,
After update my HUD view looks a little strange. The digits showing speed and altitude are disproportionately big and have black non-transparent background, seems like an issue to me.
Is it a bug on my particular phone or it’s a new design?
I’m playing on Huawei p20 pro.

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It’s by design, for now :)

Yes, the developers have reworked the HUD View for update 19.4. However, I kind of don’t see an issue here. The speed indicator text is just lightly bigger but this totally looks fine for me.

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It’s the new version. The only thing that i miss is the purple line in the airspeed indicator and V/S indicator that showed you the attitude of the airplane.

Oh, okay than, just wanted to make sure it’s not my phone bug. Probably I was embarrassed by high contrast black background, my first thought was that a glitch. Need time to get used to it :)

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Don’t worry. I raised an eyebrow or two when i saw this first time too :)